Milk Thistle has Potent Properties

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is different from the green, thorn graced leaves and purple, daisy like flowers that is the bane of gardeners and farmers everywhere. This particular thistle is grown in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and Northern Africa. It has antioxidant properties that benefit mankind. Over the centuries milk thistle has been used to treat liver […] Read more »

L-Theanine is Good for Relaxation and Sleep

L-Theanine (also referred to as Theanine) is an amino acid found in green tea.  Technology has now made it easier to extract L-Theanine from the tea than it has been in the past.  Even though technology has made this extraction easier than it was this amino acid can be on the expensive side. Research has […] Read more »

Beat the Winter Blues

Winter blues can attack most anyone.  There are several things that can contribute to the winter blues. If you live where it’s extremely cold you might not be able to exercise as much either.  Being inactive can lead to lower levels of the feel good hormones you need to stay upbeat. Exercise will boost the […] Read more »

Dancing for Exercise


Dancing is a wonderful way to have fun and get some exercise.  It’s great whether you do a solo number such as line dancing or a couples dance such as a waltz, fox trot, tango, or polka. Aerobic, modern, jazz, tap, country western and the list goes on naming the kinds of dance you can […] Read more »

I Miss Snow, That’s Right, I Miss Snow


Snow is a big four letter word to many who live in states where an abundance happens every winter.  It was to us when we lived in Wisconsin too, but now that we’re in Florida… This is our third winter in Florida and every year, starting in October, I really miss snow.  Even while we […] Read more »

Butterbur, an Interesting Herb


Butterbur is an herb that I had heard very little about until recently.  My research shows that it has some very good properties but also has many side effects that need to be considered before taking it. It can be purchased in 25 mg tablets. Butterbur is used for the treatment of migraines with the […] Read more »

Herbal Supplements can Help Fibromyalgia

Herbal supplements can be of benefit to fibromyalgia sufferers.  They can be taken orally or used in creams and lotions to eliminate pain.  Many individuals prefer to take a more natural way of taking care of their fibromyalgia symptoms. Ceyenne Pepper Pain is the most prevalent of the symptoms and can be relieved by using […] Read more »

Seniors Sometimes Need Simple Food Solutions


Seniors can often find it difficult to eat healthy.   Recipes can be found in on line or at stores such as Borders. A cook book with simple recipes would be a great gift for seniors that still likes to cook for themselves and family. Here are some simple ideas that could help someone maintain that […] Read more »

Faith is Important


Faith is defined as a, “confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.” It is also defined as a, “belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.” But do you know why it’s so important in our daily lives. Faith is important because we all have […] Read more »

Postures for Isometrics


Postures are what make isometrics work.  There are different postures you can use from beginners on up.  This article  will deal with postures you should use in the first two weeks. Main stand. Stretch your arms to your sides, make fists then turn your palms facing up. Strongly tense the bicep muscles. Bend your arms […] Read more »