Charley Horses are a Real Pain

Charley horses are a real pain

Charley horses are a real pain, any of us that suffer from them can attest to that. Since I’ve been back to work and standing on my feet six hours a day I suffer from them almost nightly.  I can wake up anywhere from one to six or seven times a night with cramps either […] Read more »

Cruising and Seniors

Cruising and seniors

Cruising and seniors is a perfect combination for a vacation.  Cruising is an all-inclusive vacation with what it has to offer.  You only have to unpack once and then set back and enjoy the ride.  Cruising can take you most anywhere in the world you want to go and cruise lines will often have nice […] Read more »

Getting Past Fibromyalgia Pain

Getting past fibromyalgia pain

Getting past fibromyalgia pain isn’t easy.  Yesterday, for example, I got sent home from work because my boss could tell I really hurt.  She actually chewed me out for not telling her I hurt.  She didn’t want me there in that kind of pain. This time the pain has been building for about five days.  […] Read more »

How to Fit Prayer Into Your Life

How to fit prayer into your life

How to fit prayer into your life.  In this hectic, harried world where our time is divided between working too many hours to make ends meet, kid’s activities, clubs, our own recreation, more kids’ activities, and maybe a little down time it might seem impossible to find time for prayer.  Look at your schedule and […] Read more »

Using Humira for Crohn’s Disease

Using humira for crohn's disease

Using Humira for Crohn’s disease is something I’ve been hearing more about.  I lost my colon in 1981 because of this disease and can still remember the horrific symptoms of it. Humira has been on the market for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis for several years.  It can also be used for the treatment of […] Read more »

Using Bowling Balls in Decorations

Using bowling balls in decorations is becoming more popular.  Actually it’s not a bad idea.  After all, what do you do with a bowling ball when you don’t bowl anymore? You can, of course, use your own ball; but, if you don’t have one you can pick up balls at yard sales and thrift stores […] Read more »

How to Stay Fit After Fifty

As we age staying fit becomes more difficult…Now tell me something I don’t know.  Any of us who are aging need to know how to stay fit after fifty. The benefits of exercise are important to everyone but those over the age of fifty can have some particular needs.  Those of us in that age […] Read more »

Improve Your Health with a Fecal Transplant

Improve your health with a fecal transplant

Improve your health with a fecal transplant.  It sounds gross, bizarre, and what the hell(?).  At least that’s what I thought when I first heard about it last week.  Come to find out I’m way behind in my information. Fecal microbiotica transplantation (FMT) is done to treat several conditions.  Ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and […] Read more »