Essential Oils for Rashes

essential oils for rashes

Essential oils for rashes consist of lavender, chamomile, peppermint, geranium, tea tree, cedarwood, rose, sandalwood, patchouli, helichrysum, valarian, and calendula. Calendula is an oil I had not heard of.  It’s also called the pot marigold. The name, calendula, comes from a Latin word, kalendae, which meant the first of the month.  It is suggested it […] Read more »

Helpful Hints for Ostomates

Helpful hints for ostomates

Helpful hints for ostomates are necessary especially during the hot, humid summer months.  Summer time and wearing an ostomy appliance can be an interesting and frustrating situation. Keeping the skin around the stoma healthy is important all of the time but can present some problems when it’s hot and you sweat.  The adhesive might break […] Read more »

Dealing With an Invisible Illness

Dealing with an invisible illness

Dealing with an invisible illness.  I’ve just read an extremely good article on this on WebMed.  Along with comments posted by other people I posted this one too. “I’ve been extremely lucky in the 18 years since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My family has ridden the health roller coaster so much with me that they […] Read more »

Hydrocodone & Tizanidine & Ibuprofen

hydrocodone & tizanidine

This is a letter I actually sent to my doctor today.  He’s been playing around with my medications and not having much success.  He wanted me to let him know how I was doing so I put it in writing so there wouldn’t be any misinterpretation of what I’m going through.  Many doctors like to […] Read more »

How Long Did it Take to Make the World

How long did it take to make the world

How long did it take to make the world? There are several theories on how the world was created.  They include Creationism, Evolution, the Big Bang theory, and Intelligent Design. Creationism has been around the longest.  It encompasses the creation story in the Bible.  It this story God created the world in seven days. During […] Read more »