Serotonin Levels and Fibromyalgia

Serotonin Levels and Fibromyalgia

Serotonin levels and fibromyalgia are integrated when it comes to how we deal with our fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ve talked about serotonin before.  It’s a neurotransmitter (chemical that sends a specific message from one brain cell to another) that is believed to play an important role in controlling our moods. Only 1% to 2% of all […] Read more »

A Natural Face Llift

a natural face lift

A natural face lift can be yours by following a few simple steps. First you need to exfoliate your skin.  For those that don’t know, exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells that leave your face dull looking.  An easy and natural way to do this is with fresh squeezed lemon juice.  The juice […] Read more »

Is Fibromyalgia Real

Is fibromyalgia real

Is fibromyalgia real? To use an old phrase from the 70’s, “You bet your bippy”, it’s real. Every day when I check my website for what searches have been done I come across some that I want to respond to.  Today I’m responding to the person that searched for, “My husband doesn’t believe in fibromyalgia”. […] Read more »