Pig Gets Colostomy

Pig gets colostomy. That was the news that came from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY via the Chippewa Valley Rosebud Review (the newsletter I receive from my home Ostomy Support Group), via the Ostomy News (the newsletter from the Ostomy Support Group from North San Diego County, Vista, CA). The picture is of […] Read more »

Life in the 1500’s

Life in the 1500’s was a lot different than  now.  These interesting facts first came to my attention through a newsletter in our mobile home village. I’ve found the website they came from for verification and decided to share them with you.  To avoid being accused of plagiarism  I’ll tell you up front – these […] Read more »

Black Soap

There are many brands of Black Soap. The one I like is Dr Woods Shea Version. It has organic shea butter which helps moisturize the skin. Black soap has many uses.  It can be used in the shower, a soaking bath, a conditioning shampoo, and an all purpose cleaner. African Black Soap is also called […] Read more »