A Cat Rules My Home

A Cat Rules My HomeA cat rules my home – yes he does.  His name is Gary and has made us his, not the other way around.  Cats are like that you know.  They might live in our homes and be “owned” by us but actually they own us.  Anyone who has cats will attest to this.

My Gary is a standard American Short Hair, very mellow, and extremely loveable.  The grandkids can pull his tail and lug him around and he doesn’t fuss.  When he gets enough he hides under the bed.  We have a very high bed frame so this doesn’t protect him too much from the smallest kids.  They crawl under after him.  When that happens he just looks at me with the most helpless look he can muster.  The kids have to leave him alone then.

We adopted Gary when he was 10 years old.  That was almost two years ago.  He was actually a rescue cat.  The owner had taken ill and was put in a nursing home and Gary was about to be put down.  I took one look at him and said that wasn’t going to happen and that he was going home with me.  That met with a little resistance from my husband but once Gary was home with us the resistance disappeared in a hurry. Yes definitely, a cat rules my home.

Now I know that not everyone is a cat lover; but, for those of us who are they are an important part of our lives.  Cats are quirky, independent, playful, and loveable all at the same time.  They either ignore us totally or won’t leave us alone.

Cats can be a healthy project for anyone who owns one. Petting an animal, in this case your kitty, can help calm your nerves and relax you after an extremely stressful day.  Dragging it’s favorite toy on a string will give you both a bit of exercise. No matter the personality of your cat and it’s activity level it’s important to keep him/her healthy.  Gary personally likes all of his balls on the floor at once, then he bats them all over and looks at me to go find them.  Some days we stay pretty busy 🙂

As your cat ages they can develop some health challenges.  They can get urinary tract infections, arthritis, and other diseases just like elderly people do.  My Gary is plagued with urinary tract infections and has been to the vet twice in the past three months.  Once we got it cleared up my vet put him on Prescription Diet C/D cat food and he hasn’t been bothered for a while now.  This cat food comes in both solid and canned forms and Gary dictates which he’ll eat when.  Again, a cat rules my home. A vet can also provide supplements and recommend the best litter to use.

Because Gary is getting up in years I’ve begun to think of when he won’t be with us.  When that time comes I will probably have him cremated and his ashes kept in a memorial urn.  That way I can continue to say that a cat rules my home.

A cat rules my home

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