Beat the Winter Blues

Winter blues can attack most anyone.  There are several things that can contribute to the winter blues.

If you live where it’s extremely cold you might not be able to exercise as much either.  Being inactive can lead to lower levels of the feel good hormones you need to stay upbeat. Exercise will boost the levels feel good hormones and that level will stay elevated for several hours even after you shower and get back to your normal routine. Find a mall to walk, join a gym, or, buy some free weights and a treadmill to use at home. (Stay in your budget of course)

Winter blues can bring on depression that can also be lifted by getting some sunshine.  Sunlight also helps boost the hormones that our moods.  If you can, get outside more.  If you can’t then open the shades in your home to let in more light.  Choose tables and booths next to a window when you dine out so you get more light there.

Eating healthy also contributes to our moods.  Try to avoid simple sugars and carbohydrates.  They can give you an immediate boost but will shut down in a short while.  Instead, stick to complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, vegetables, fruits, and grains.  Oh, and be sure to drink enough water and avoid sodas and caffeine.

Do something just for you.  Plan a gals day out, plan a trip or cruise, going on a date night can help to relax and rejuvenate. If you plan a night out it would be a good idea to avoid a lot of alcohol.  Alcohol is a depressant and should be drank in moderation, even rarely, if you are already suffering from the winter blues.

Hang out with your family and friends more.  There’s a lot to say about having people around to keep you from dwelling on your depression.  I know my friends and family can get me out of a bad mood quickly.  These people are also a great sounding board if you need to talk about your depression.

Get enough sleep.  Seven to eight hours is best for most people but pushing it up to twelve hours on a lazy weekend can actually make you more tired than you should be.  Being over tired can make you not want to do things, not wanting to do things can lead to depression, and depression (winter blues) is what we’re trying to avoid – right?


Winter Blues


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