Benefits of Crafting

Benefits of CraftingWhen considering the benefits of crafting one of the most obvious ones is enjoyment.  Enjoyment can employ many aspects.  Where would you fit in with the benefits you receive from crafting?

Do you enjoy making crafts because of the sense of satisfaction you have when the project is completed?  That would be where the majority of people fall.  It’s very appealing to look at the end result and think, “I did that and it looks good”.

Do you have the sense that your crafting time is “your” time?  It could be a time to clear your mind and just think of the task at hand.  Cutting out the intricacies of a pattern with a scroll saw would take your mind off anything weighing on your mind for a while.  Assembling the pieces of a model airplane, car or other object will do the same.  The concentration it takes to paint these models can distract you from other things too.

Do you knit or crochet? It doesn’t matter if you do this while music is playing or the T. V. is on.  The repetition of the movements involved can be very relaxing.  When you do these two crafts you are often making a garment for yourself or someone else.  When the item is complete you have something that will last several years.

Crafting in general helps adults and children achieve a sense of accomplishment when they learn and perfect a new skill.  Along with this crafts give an outlet for self-expression and relieve stress. Doing crafts is a great way for the elderly to keep their minds active. For these reasons they are good for our health and can help us in our relationships too.

The benefits of crafting are many and so are crafts that can be done.  You can go on line and get free craft patterns and quilt patterns.  You can go to a hobby shop and buy model airplanes, cars, trains, jewelry kits, and many other things to do.  It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, it’s out there somewhere.

My personal favorite is sewing.  I’m making two quilts right now.  One will be a table runner and one will be bed quilt and I haven’t decided if I’m keeping that one or giving it as a gift.  That’s the great thing about crafting, you can keep it, give it away, or sell it.

Many people make crafts to sell.  Just look at all of the arts and crafts shows in your area.  We went to one in Kissimmee, FL on 2/11/12 and there were things there that blew my mind.  I wish I had some pictures to post.  One gentleman made statues and wall hangings out of pieces of wire that were welded together.  The intricacy of his work was no less than fantastic.  My husband and I agreed that his life size statues of an Indian and a wolf were just great.  His prices were, unfortunately, out of our reach but I would have loved to have one of his pieces in my home. We hope he did well. So you see, the benefits of crafting can include making an income.  I know people that just want enough from their sales to be able to get more material to make more crafts.  Others need to make enough to show a profit.

No matter why you do it the benefits of crafting are many and a varied as the crafts that are available and the people that do them.  Now it’s time for this crafter to pick hers up and enjoy the rest of her day. HAPPY CRAFTING!

Benefits of crafting

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