Bettering Ourselves Through Prayer

Bettering Ourselves Through PrayerBettering ourselves through prayer. God is there for us if we but ask him to be.  Prayer opens the pathway to communication with God.  James 1,5 states “If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all abundantly, and upbraides not”. Matthew 7,7 states “Ask, and it shall be given you”. Both of these statement are true.

Prayer is many things.  We can confess our sins and repent of them and we can ask for what we need as well as the needs of others.  You might be surprised at the requests that turn out to be wants instead of needs.  Prayer can give you strength in your most desperate times of need.  By simply asking, God will show you the way you need to go.  Prayer gives you the opportunity to see all the blessings you have and to thank God for them.  There are many ways of bettering ourselves through prayer.

Prayer can be used for self improvement too.  Let’s face it, we don’t know everything and we can’t do everything by ourselves.  We need guidance from a higher power to accomplish many things.  Through prayer we can express our problems and concerns either by saying them out loud or silently thinking them through.

There are two parts to prayer; expressing our needs, wants, and concerns is the first part. Listening for the answers is the second part.

God will always answer your prayers.  Sometimes He answers the way you want Him to, sometimes He says no, other times He gives an entirely different answer than you might expect.  No matter what it is He WILL ALWAYS answer your prayers.  In my own experience I’ve had many No answers to prayer.  Even though I might not get the answers I want the no’s turn out to be the correct answer.  God knows which of our prayers need positive answers, which ones need delayed answers, and which ones need no’s.  A delayed or a no answer could mean that He is waiting for you to look inside yourself for the answer.  He gives us the ability to figure many things out on our own and will often “encourage” you to use that ability rather than asking Him for an answer.

You can pray to Jesus too.  Praying to Jesus for healing during illness or weakness is perfectly fine.  Praying to him for a cleansing of your soul is also fine.  Jesus possesses the power to intercede between us and God.  By praying to him to open the pathway to God you can achieve many things.  Remember, Jesus interceded for us to save us from our sins.  Now, by asking him to intercede in a prayer request you can have a mighty pathway to God.  Jesus is also there to shine his light on a troubled soul.  There is a peace and contentment that comes when you ask him to enter your heart and your soul and give you the peace that you so desperately need.  I find this prayer very comforting when my fibromyalgia is really flaring up – like today. Bettering ourselves through prayer can take on many forms.

Bettering Ourselves Through Prayer

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