Black Soap

Black SoapThere are many brands of Black Soap. The one I like is Dr Woods Shea Version. It has organic shea butter which helps moisturize the skin. Black soap has many uses.  It can be used in the shower, a soaking bath, a conditioning shampoo, and an all purpose cleaner.

African Black Soap is also called Alata Samina, ose dudu, and Anago soap.  Tribeswomen in West Africa have secret recipes that they use and this soap has been considered a beauty secret in Africa or centuries.  Ose dudu comes from the Togo and Benin languages and actually meant (ose) soap and (dudu) black.

African Black Soap is made from ashes of leaves and bark that have been filtered. Other things like water, coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa butter or shea butter are added to it.Dr. Woods Shea Vision is made from the fruit of the Magnolia tree. When the fruit called karite or shea nut is picked they are boiled to release the Shea Butter. This black soap, as well as others,  are made from skins of plantains that have been roasted and ground. Using plantain skins makes this soap rich in vitamins A and E. Black soap also contains lots of glycerine so it leaves hair light and healthy when you use it as a shampoo.

Black soap is a thorough cleaning agent but is gentle enough for infants and the elderly. It is a gently exfoliates and can also help in the control of breakouts and acne. Another added benefit with Dr. Wood’s Shea Vision is that it can help with fine lines and wrinkles, and ladies, I’m almost 65 and I do notice a difference in my face and neck.

I found my black soap at Chamberlains Natural Food Store in Kissimmee, FL. I would imagine that it can be found at a health food store in your area. You can also order it at and at Vista has lots of reviews on this product; 536 to be exact. 537 after I add mine.

Black Soap




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