Pig Gets Colostomy

Pig gets colostomy. That was the news that came from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY via the Chippewa Valley Rosebud Review (the newsletter I receive from my home Ostomy Support Group), via the Ostomy News (the newsletter from the Ostomy Support Group from North San Diego County, Vista, CA). The picture is of […] Read more »

Crohn’s Disease Management

Crohn’s disease management is a topic that is near and dear to the individuals that have this particular disease. When I was diagnosed in 1978 management options weren’t that many. We relied on sulfa drugs, steroids, and whatever diet management worked at the time. As a result I lost over 40 pounds in three months. […] Read more »

Helpful Hints for Ostomates

Helpful hints for ostomates

Helpful hints for ostomates are necessary especially during the hot, humid summer months.  Summer time and wearing an ostomy appliance can be an interesting and frustrating situation. Keeping the skin around the stoma healthy is important all of the time but can present some problems when it’s hot and you sweat.  The adhesive might break […] Read more »

My Personal Journey with Crohns Disease

My Personal Journey with Chrons Disease

My personal journey with Crohns disease began in the fall of 1978. I think I’ve eaten a bad Big Mac from McDonalds. I’ve been vomiting and have had the diarrhea for 36 hours and generally feel like crap.  Either that or I’ve stumbled into a stomach virus that’s being stubborn, that happens with me from […] Read more »

Foods to Avoid With Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s  Disease is absolute misery, let’s face it.  Most foods make you nauseated and sometimes vomit.  You have constant cramps and diarrhea, and you’re losing weight no matter what you do.  ARGH!! Could something in your diet be doing this? Those who have had Crohn’s for a while have probably figured out that these foods […] Read more »

Chron’s Disease Foods to Eat

Chron’s disease has many symptoms but the worst ones are the uncontrollable diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.  Because of these symptoms many foods won’t agree with a Chron’s disease patient. Foods that usually agree the most have a tendency to be blander than what you might be used to. Baked, plain, chicken breast is a good […] Read more »

Symptoms and Description of Crohn’s Disease

Intestine with Chron's

Crohn’s Disease is named after the doctor, Burrill Bernard Crohn, a gastroenterologist who, in 1932, put a name an inflammation of the small intestine (ileum).  This is the area that is most affected by Crohn’s Disease. Because of the location of the disease it has also been called regional ileitis or regional enteritis. The description […] Read more »