How to Stay Fit After Fifty

As we age staying fit becomes more difficult…Now tell me something I don’t know.  Any of us who are aging need to know how to stay fit after fifty. The benefits of exercise are important to everyone but those over the age of fifty can have some particular needs.  Those of us in that age […] Read more »

Lose Weight by Doing Isometrics

Lose weight by doing isometrics. Isometric exercises can have the same benefits as regular exercise.  They are based on muscle control rather than lifting weights.  They are enjoyable in that they give the same sensations of warm blood in the muscles and relaxation afterwards.  This is the same feeling you have when you stretch in […] Read more »

Stretching Goals for 2012


Goals can be set by anyone and often are by the way of New Year’s Resolutions.  Having fibromyalgia doesn’t have to mean you can’t set them, even for some fitness levels. Fitness goals are definitely harder to reach when you have this disease but not always impossible. Unless your doctor tells you not to do […] Read more »

Square Dancing for Exercise and Fun

Square Dancing

Square Dancing is an older dance that has survived over the years.  It consists of four couples dancing together forming a square.  The steps to square dancing are  low impact so it would be good exercise for people who love to dance but, for some reason, need to take it a bit easy. It’s not […] Read more »

Dancing for Exercise


Dancing is a wonderful way to have fun and get some exercise.  It’s great whether you do a solo number such as line dancing or a couples dance such as a waltz, fox trot, tango, or polka. Aerobic, modern, jazz, tap, country western and the list goes on naming the kinds of dance you can […] Read more »

Postures for Isometrics


Postures are what make isometrics work.  There are different postures you can use from beginners on up.  This article  will deal with postures you should use in the first two weeks. Main stand. Stretch your arms to your sides, make fists then turn your palms facing up. Strongly tense the bicep muscles. Bend your arms […] Read more »

Fitness Programs for Everyone

fitness programs

Fitness programs can be for everyone. From kids to adults, we all need exercise to help us stay strong, flexible, have more energy, and to age slower. Getting kids into fitness programs can be difficult. So many times they would rather play video games or watch television. Why not incorporate those two things in a […] Read more »

Isometrics and Fibromyalgia


Isometrics are a form of exercise that involves tensing a muscle or group of muscles, holding them for a few seconds, and then releasing them to the count of seven.  There is no noticeable moving of a joint, only the tensing of the muscles. Isometrics can be done as their own exercise or the can […] Read more »

Stretching and Fibromyalgia


Stretching is important to any exercise routine but is considered one of the best exercises for fibromyalgia sufferers.  I know that if I don’t stretch every day I’m more stiff, sore and tired than if I do. Gentle stretching, meaning just to the point where you feel the stretch not to where it hurts will […] Read more »

Walking for Exercise

Walking for Exercise

Walking, It’s free, it’s relaxing, and it can be very enjoyable.  Whether you are out in the fresh air or on a treadmill in a gym, walking is one of the best ways to decrease the susceptibility to certain diseases, loose weight and ease stress.   It’s one thing you can do alone or with […] Read more »