Cruising and Seniors

Cruising and seniors

Cruising and seniors is a perfect combination for a vacation.  Cruising is an all-inclusive vacation with what it has to offer.  You only have to unpack once and then set back and enjoy the ride.  Cruising can take you most anywhere in the world you want to go and cruise lines will often have nice […] Read more »

Using Bowling Balls in Decorations

Using bowling balls in decorations is becoming more popular.  Actually it’s not a bad idea.  After all, what do you do with a bowling ball when you don’t bowl anymore? You can, of course, use your own ball; but, if you don’t have one you can pick up balls at yard sales and thrift stores […] Read more »

Beginning Sewing Project

Beginning sewing project

It’s time to do something fun!! Let’s do a simple sewing project.  A beginning sewing project can be done by both kids and adults. When I started sewing, the first thing I made was an apron.  Oh, I had helped Mom hem my skirts, dresses and slacks but my first real project that I did […] Read more »

Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food is beneficial in several ways. It’s a lot of work but pays off in the long run. There are several very good reasons for growing your own food. Home grown fruits and vegetables taste better.  They have a wonderful sin kissed taste that doesn’t come with hot hour produce. They are […] Read more »

Models of Sewing Machines

There are several models of sewing machines on the market.  Each has its own merits and with some research you will be able to choose the one that suits your needs. All the companies make machines that are good for the beginning sewer to the experienced seamstress that might need more than the basic stitches. […] Read more »

Benefits of Crafting

Benefits of Crafting

When considering the benefits of crafting one of the most obvious ones is enjoyment.  Enjoyment can employ many aspects.  Where would you fit in with the benefits you receive from crafting? Do you enjoy making crafts because of the sense of satisfaction you have when the project is completed?  That would be where the majority […] Read more »

Inanimate Bird Shooting

Trap Shooting

Inanimate Bird Shooting was developed in 1921 in the UK when live pigeon sports were outlawed.  The sport consists of shooting at round targets, called “birds” or “clay pigeons”, made of pitch and clay. To shoot one if these targets is called a “hit” or “kill”, to miss one is called “bird away”. The mechanism […] Read more »

Reading for Relaxation

Reading for Relaxation

Reading for relaxation is one of my favorite pass times. Even though I’m relaxing with a good book or magazine I can still be learning something.  My new favorite is quilting.  I have the enthusiasm and lack of knowledge of a beginner and love to read about different patterns and techniques to use on my […] Read more »

Activities for Retirees


As the “baby boomer” generation enters their retirement years they will be looking for things to occupy their time.  Many will continue to work, some will be caring for grandchildren and aging parents.  Today’s retirees are not like those of generations past.  They are more active and are searching for things to keep their minds […] Read more »

A Shade Garden for Enjoyment

shade garden

A shade garden can be more enjoyable than a sun garden.  By planting in the shade you can stay out of the sun which is beneficial to the extremely young, the elderly and sun sensitive individuals. There are many things that can be done in a shade garden.  If you have a single tree in […] Read more »