Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is something new to me. I started it about a week ago and have already noticed some changes in how I feel. The biggest thing I notice is in my oral hygiene. Oil pulling is noted for improving your dental health by freshening the breath and whitening the teeth. By the way, it […] Read more »

What Causes Fibromyalgia

I have come across a wonderful site http://www.lahealthyliving.com. This site has some great information on what causes fibromyalgia. Many of you have probably read this article so this if for those that haven’t The article I read what causes fibromyalgia and a little history on the disease. Rather than put the article in my own words, which would take […] Read more »

Hydrocodone & Tizanidine & Ibuprofen

hydrocodone & tizanidine

This is a letter I actually sent to my doctor today.  He’s been playing around with my medications and not having much success.  He wanted me to let him know how I was doing so I put it in writing so there wouldn’t be any misinterpretation of what I’m going through.  Many doctors like to […] Read more »

Charley Horses are a Real Pain

Charley horses are a real pain

Charley horses are a real pain, any of us that suffer from them can attest to that. Since I’ve been back to work and standing on my feet six hours a day I suffer from them almost nightly.  I can wake up anywhere from one to six or seven times a night with cramps either […] Read more »

Using Humira for Crohn’s Disease

Using humira for crohn's disease

Using Humira for Crohn’s disease is something I’ve been hearing more about.  I lost my colon in 1981 because of this disease and can still remember the horrific symptoms of it. Humira has been on the market for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis for several years.  It can also be used for the treatment of […] Read more »

Common Cold Self-Help

Common Cold Self-Help

Common cold self-help is what I need right now.  Sore throat, coughing, sneezing, slight fever, aches, constantly tired…Man I’m miserable! This is the first “bad” cold I’ve had in about five years and, to me, it’s anything but common. I’ve had the sniffles and felt miserable for a couple of days from time to time […] Read more »

Saving on Prescription Drugs

Saving on Prescription Drugs

Saving on prescription drugs isn’t an easy task. With the cost of prescription drugs still climbing most everyone is looking for ways to lower the cost.  There are ways you can lower the cost of your prescription drugs and still get the quality and dosage you need. The most common way to get a lower […] Read more »

How to Relieve a Tension Headache

How to Relieve a Tension Headache

How to relieve a tension headache.  First let’s differentiate between a tension headache and other headaches.  A tension headache usually has pain on both sides of your head and across your forehead like a tight cap.  There can be tight muscles in your neck and shoulders too. If you have sharp, sudden pain in your […] Read more »

Medication Preparedness


It doesn’t matter if you are traveling in our own country or doing foreign travel you need to be prepared with medication(s) that you need.  You should be sure to take things like Benadryl for insect bits and stings as well as aspirin or Tylenol, cough medicine and perhaps a sleep aid.  Also, take all […] Read more »