Crohn’s Disease Management

Chron's Disease ManagementCrohn’s disease management is a topic that is near and dear to the individuals that have this particular disease.

When I was diagnosed in 1978 management options weren’t that many. We relied on sulfa drugs, steroids, and whatever diet management worked at the time. As a result I lost over 40 pounds in three months.

Today, medications have improved to a point where symptoms can often be eliminated altogether. Medications like Humira are now advertised for treatment of Crohn’s disease. I wrote an article about Humira earlier this year and found out that it really will work for Crohn’s disease. If you’re interested go ahead and look up my article on this product.

There are several things that you can do on your own to help with your Crohn’s disease management. Make sure your doctor knows what you’re going through. Thoroughly describe your symptoms to him or her. Let your doctor know if you’re depressed or under a lot of stress so those symptoms can be dealt with to. Today’s treatment of Crohn’s disease not only includes the physical symptoms that also includes the mental and emotional symptoms that go with it.

Check with your doctor to see what medications are available to handle the symptoms you are feeling. Asking for a list of different medications available, make sure he or she tells you why you should take that medication and what symptoms that will help with. Also make sure your doctor tells you the correct dosage, don’t just go by what’s on the label. Ask your doctor how long you should stay on the medication. It’s important to find out what side effects come with the medications also. Make sure that you ask what other steps can be taken if these medications don’t work.

Some other things to remember when defining your Crohn’s disease management are:
Make your diet work for you. Eating smaller more frequent meals and including foods from all the food groups will help you maintain a marriage but you need. Something she might want to avoid are high-fiber foods, alcohol, caffeine, and greasy foods; if dairy gives you a problem you should probably stay away from that too. Adding a supplement that contains probiotics to your diet could be a good thing because they help promote the healthy gut bacteria that you need.
Stop smoking! Not only can smoking aggravate Crohn’s symptoms but if you go into remission smoking can also cause them to come back.
Keep your stress in check. If you can’t find a way to avoid the stress you already have, at least don’t take on anymore. Take time for that bubble bath or that walk in the fresh air. Just make sure to have some time for yourself so you can relax and unwind.
No matter what treatment plan you and your doctor devise, it’s important to stick to it even if you’re feeling good.
Now I know I’ve written several articles on Crohn’s disease, backspace; but, I have the feeling that mine might have come back after all these years and this article is a reminder to myself as well as to everybody else that’s out there to follow what ever plan is put in place for you. Crohn’s disease management is an easy by any means; but, with your doctors help and really trying to take care of yourself you can live a fairly normal life.

Chron’s Disease Management


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