Cruising and Seniors

Cruising and seniorsCruising and seniors is a perfect combination for a vacation.  Cruising is an all-inclusive vacation with what it has to offer.  You only have to unpack once and then set back and enjoy the ride.  Cruising can take you most anywhere in the world you want to go and cruise lines will often have nice discounts for seniors. As well as the discounts, cruise ships are equipped to handle medical emergencies with an infirmary.  They have wheel chairs and handicap access staterooms for those that need them.

Cruising and seniors just go together because cruisers can be as mellow and relaxed as they want.  They can relax on deck with a good book and a cool drink or attend one of the many shows most ships have.  This doesn’t mean that senior cruisers just have to relax, they can also be as active as they want.  They can attend exercise classes, dance classes, on deck activities, and several other on board activities depending on the ship.

Dining has many choices too.  Cruisers can go to the dining room and enjoy the company of others assigned to their table.  Meals served in the formal dining room are usually seven to nine courses and can leisurely be enjoyed. Cruisers can go to the pool side area and eat casually at the pool side buffet.  The buffet will offer a wide selection of items from burgers and fries to a simple salad and, of course, desserts.

Staterooms on the ships are designed to hold two people, as a result someone traveling single may come across a more expensive rate.  Cruise lines have come up with a way to handle this.  It’s called cabin share.  If you want to cabin share just let the cruise lines know and they will find someone to share your cabin.  If you sign up to cabin share and they can’t find a cabin mate for you, you keep the lower rate that you were quoted. This type of cruising and seniors go together well because it can be more economical for them and they will have someone in the cabin with them to keep them company.

As the baby boomer generation ages many of them look forward to a few days on the ocean.  Looking for cruises geared towards senior citizens is a good way to find a vacation at not a lot of cost.  Many seniors go on other cruises too.  Not all of them want to be without young people around.  I know that on the cruises my husband and I have been on (we’re both seniors) there have been a mixture of ages.  Everyone from babies to very elderly are on these ships.  It just depends on what you are looking for.

There are some fantastic deals available if you check on-line. has some very good deals for seniors. critiques different cruises they feel are good for seniors.  They describe the ones they feel offer the most to keep seniors active both physically and mentally and relaxed at the same time. Also contact your local travel agency to find deals they might have. These sites and others take the time and guess work out of making cruising and seniors go together.

We haven’t been on a cruise for a couple of years now but after looking at some of the deals on-line I’m thinking it’s time we start planning for another one.  I’d love to go on at least one more because the last one we were on was disastrous for me.  I contracted a nasty virus on board and was confined to my cabin for five of the seven days we were at sea.  Have to make that up some how :-).

Cruising and seniors


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  1. Anita says:

    A lot of the cruise lines are pulling out of Alaska, if you going to go, go this year because next year there will be more demand than berths and it’s going to get expensive.I have cruised and toured Alaska with Celebrity and it was a great experience. No doubt we could have had a cheaper cruise with Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Costa, or a more expensive cruise with Seaborne. Their ships were all in port at the same time as ours. I mean that there is an abundance of choice, Pick a line and a cruise that suits your budget, goes to places that you want to explore. Personal opinion Princess is one of the best lines, especially if you want to do a cruise tour, before or after your cruise.

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