Disability for Fibromyalgia

Disability for FibromyalgiaDisability claims for fibromyalgia are hard to win but there are things you can do to help develop your case.

Before you begin your disability claim you should refer to the Social Security site and go to ruling  SSR99-2p.  This is where you will find a listing Social Security has of the things that qualify you for Social Security.

Your doctor needs to confirm the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  This doctor must be someone who is board certified, like a rheumatologist, to make the diagnosis.  Your GP does not qualify.  You should contact a rheumatologist and work with them to get the diagnosis and treatment plan.  Your rheumatologist should conduct both a physical and neurological exam to specifically diagnose your fibromyalgia.

You need to collect your complete medical records, work records and anything else that would support your fibromyalgia claim.  A statement from your employer stating your limitations in the work place is very helpful as are statements from family and friends about your ability to do things with them that you used to.

Something else you can do on your own to help your cause is make an extensive list of your symptoms and how severe they are.  Also keep a calendar and diary to record your activities, or lack of them, and how you react to them.  These reactions can be with vision, memory loss or fog, being  , insomnia, irritable bowel, other digestive problems, vaginitis, anxiety, or loss of balance. In other words, anything that the judge at your hearing can relate to.

If you feel you need help you might want to do is hire a disability lawyer.  Someone who know the ins and outs of the system can advise you as to what you need in order to have a better chance of winning your case.  Social security rejects approximately 75% of the cases they see so having all of your information in order is very important.

Disability for Fibromyalgia

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