Does Meditation Come Easy

Does Meditation Come EasyDoes meditation come easy? No, not for everyone.  If you’re like me your mind is too busy to quiet down long enough to meditate.  Frankly, I find this a pain in the tush.

So many times I’ve just wanted to quiet my thoughts and convince myself to let my mind go blank, or convince myself to relax into a deep sleep.  I’ve also discovered that not being able to do this is causes more problems especially since I have fibromyalgia.

The inability to relax into a meditative state when I need to doesn’t allow my body to clean out the pain.  On those rare occasions when I can meditate and convince my tensed up muscles to relax I feel much better for several hours.

I find it particularly difficult to meditate when I’m stressed over finances (like now), have too much of a load at work (when I have a job), if I’ve lost a job (like I did in September, 2011), or just overdo with volunteering and things at home.  Sounds like I have a difficult time most of the time doesn’t it.  Well friends, I’m definitely not alone with this problem.  There are many people out there that have the same difficulty so let’s see if we can come up with some ideas on how to make meditation easier so we don’t have to ask the question, does meditation come easy?

There are many ways of meditating so maybe one of these suggestions will help make meditation easier for us.

First of all, get comfortable.  If that means lying in the sun, setting in an easy chair, lying on a bed that’s fine as long as you are comfortable enough to relax into it. The pose (don’t know what it’s called and really don’t care) where you set cross legged with your fingers in a circle is something my body can’t, and I do mean can’t, do so don’t feel bad if you can’t either. Does meditation come easy? It certainly has a better chance if you’re comfortable.

After you are comfy you can decide on how you want to meditate.  You can breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and count the breaths as you go.  If you do this, set a goal of how many breaths you want to take or maybe set an alarm to go off in a certain amount of time.  As you breathe, concentrate on the breath and try to eliminate everything else from your mind.

When you start meditating start small.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by saying to yourself, “I’m doing 100 breaths, no more, and certainly no less” or, ” I’m meditating for 15 minutes today and not stopping until the alarm goes off”.  This kind of over expectation can turn you/me off in a New York minute.  I know it did me. Does meditation come easy? Definitely if you don’t force it.

Put on some Zen music. You know, the kind they use when you get a massage.  Just let your mind drift away on the quiet, sultry notes and bingo, you’re meditating. This doesn’t always work for me but don’t let that stop YOU.

Many people recite a mantra.  Something like a Zen word “Oohhmm” could be used.  Others recite something religions like, “I love Jesus” or “God is With Me”.  Still others use the word “relax” or some other prompt to take them to that mind emptying place they need to go. Does meditation come easy? If you find a mantra that works for you then yes.

My best way of meditating is to concentrate on my body.  I usually pull the shades, leave the bedroom quiet, close the door, and lay on the bed covered up.  For some reason covering up, even on a hot day, makes me feel like I’m in a cozy cocoon where nothing can interfere with me.

After I get all snuggled in bed I close my eyes and take some deep breaths through my nose and out of my mouth.  I don’t count the breaths, I just breath like that until I can convince my mind it needs to slow down.  This takes a few seconds to several minutes depending on how tumultuous my thoughts are.  After I get my mind prepared I start relaxing every muscle in my body.  I start at my feet and work my way all the way up my body to the top of my head.  If I have an area that hurts more because of the fibromyalgia I stop there and convince that area to relax until it feels like Jello inside me. This process takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the severity of my pain.

If I’m lucky I fall asleep for a while about half way through the  process.  When I wake up I feel 90% better than I did when I laid down.

Does meditation come easy? Well, it’s getting easier with practice and I’ve been practicing a lot. Two months ago I couldn’t sit or lay still for more than three or four minutes.  Now I can do at least 15 minutes before my mind gets restless and I have to get moving.  At night when I go to bed I can do up to 45 minutes of just letting go.  On mornings after those nights I wake up feeling like a new woman.

Meditation can be used for many things.  It can help you/me deal with our pain, it can help reorganize your thoughts, it can help you get a better night’s sleep and on the list goes.  It has been discovered that meditation has many health benefits like helping to lower blood pressure.

So, does meditation come easy? After deciding how you are comfortable and trying the many methods of meditation until you find the one that works for you it can.  It takes practice and patience (not my strong point) but eventually you will get the hang of it.

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Does Meditation Come Easy

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