Fibromyalgia and Foot Pain

Fibromyalga and foot apinFibromyalgia and foot pain; well I’ll be. I woke up about a week ago and could hardly step on my left foot. It felt like all the tendons had been pulled and beat on clear from my arch to under the toe next to my little one. My first thought was, holy cow! Now what it I do to myself.

After hobbling my way through a day of work, I decided to go across the street and talk to my dear friend that has fibromyalgia worse than I do. She just looked at me with sad eyes and said, “Yup, you’ve got it in your feet.” Now you can imagine that was probably the last thing I wanted to hear that point in time. I had been feeling so good for about four or five days that I guess I got a little cocky about the whole thing and thought well maybe I was turning the corner to better health. Yeah right, fat chance.

I spent the weekend hobbling around wishing that my feet would drop off and then yesterday all at once it started feeling better again. Now this morning again, I hurt , but not quite as bad. So I’m thinking it’s time to do a little research.

Come to find out fibromyalgia and foot pain isn’t as unusual as I thought it might be. My foot painis actually being caused from plantar fasciitis and I’ve discovered that plantar fasciitis can be part of fibromyalgia.

The clinical definition of plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the thick tissue at the bottom of the foot. This tissue is called the plantar fascia and it connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot. This definition is taken from  PubMed Health.

This condition occurs when that band of tissue on the bottom of your foot is overused, it can be very painful and makes walking very difficult at times. Now that makes sense to me because I’ve been on my feet a lot more work. Rather than just setting behind the cash register taking our customers money I’ve been delivering food to tables, I’ve been cleaning tables, I’ve been helping wrap silverware at a table where we stand, and several other things that have kept me on my feet, rather than settling down. My feet aren’t used to that anymore so no wonder they’re sore.

Fibromyalgia and foot pain can go together in the respect that those of us with fibromyalgia are more sensitive to pain. My husband has had plantar fasciitis in the past and, yes, he hurts but he can still navigate. With me, the pain radiates from my foot all the way up to my lower back and then up into my shoulders and neck and then the whole fibromyalgia circuit kicks in and my whole body just wants to scream. From what I’ve read so far this is not uncommon with fibromyalgia people.

Besides standing on my feet more than I’m used to, there are some other things that probably have contributed to my plantar fasciitis. I was born with flat feet, I’m overweight, and I don’t think the shoes I’m wearing have the correct arch support.

Be conscious of your foot pain and go to your podiatrist to have it checked out to make sure that you have plantar fasciitis and not something else that should be treated differently. Now I have to follow that advice myself and make an appointment. With the help of your podiatrist you should be able to get some relief from your fibromyalgia and foot pain.

Fibromyalgia and foot pain

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