Fibromyalgia and Sweating


Fibromyalgia and sweating seem to go hand in hand at times.  I know I have a terrible problem with it.  I can be fresh from a shower and sweat will run down my back all the way into my underwear.  I can be sitting at the computer and the same thing will happen. And, heaven forbid, I actually try to be active…I become a virtual puddle then. But the worst for me is when I wake up and the pillow and sheets are wet.

The sad part is that nothing seems to help. I’ve tried cool drinks, cool showers, sleeping on top of the covers and wearing as little as I can legally and morally get away with.  I still drip!

Just yesterday I decided to poke around and see if anyone else had this problem.  Amazing, after fifteen years of this disease I’m just getting around to this! It seems that many fibromyalgia sufferers go through this and almost all of them describe the sweating as I do.  There are many, many people with fibromyalgia that go through this.  I would like to include a few quotes from them.

Rebecca writes: ” I sweat constantly. Have to have fans blowing all around me 24/7. Even with that I am changing clothes all the time. Last week I was in Sunday school and my clothes were soaked.”

Angel writes: “Whenever I go outside, sweat just drips off my face. I never noticed it before until this summer. I often take a hand towel with me when I’ll be doing yardwork, to wipe my face off with. ”

Pnaturegirl writes: “I sweat a lot to … A little pick me up that works while I clean is Calgon Mist and I love Morning Glory scent. I can be hot and miserable and give myself a spray of that and its cooling and refeshing too! (I love the tip she gives).

My point in including quotes from other people and a link to where these posts and others can be found is to let you know that you need not feel alone of you sweat like the rest of us.  There’s many of us with fibromyalgia that empathize and sympathize with you.

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Fibromyalgia and Sweating


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