Fingernails Help Diagnose Illnesses

Fingernails help diagnose illnesses.Well, why not, they’re visible and you can see raw skin under them.Why shouldn’t certain nail conditions indicate illness or changes in your internal organs?

Yury Zakarov, a doctor of medical sciences and director of the Moscow phytotherapy center thinks they can.

Diagnosing illness by inspecting a person’s nails has been used in traditional Chinese medicine along with other methods to come up with an exact diagnosis. By examining nails along with they eye’s iris, for example, a practitioner might be able to diagnose cancer.By using this type of examination it could be possible to identify symptoms as much as two or three years before the disease actually develops.

In Chinese medicine it is believed that energy from the internal organs is transmitted out the ends of the fingers; therefore, diseases of a specific organ should be able to be diagnosed by examining the nails.For example, if you have nails that are thin, shiny and look like you’re wearing clear polish you might have hepatitis which is a liver disease.Lung disease might be diagnosed if you have a large bulging nail.Everyone has a light semicircle at the bottom of their nails but if yours is crescent shaped it could mean you have congenital tuberculosis.

Because of their centuries’ worth or study Chinese doctors now have about thirty methods to decode different appearances in your nails.Some things to note are; the children of chronic alcoholics have the same shaped nails as that parent.Sixty percent of diabetes children have a peculiar shape to their nails.If these indicators show up doctors can recommend a prophylaxis.Other things to consider are color changes in the nail that indicate something has happened in the past month and if a nail changesshape, surface or structure it could indicate a chronic disease that’s been around for many years.

The nice thing is that when a person recovers their nails will return to their normal pink color and once again be nice and smooth.Not just one method can always diagnose a disease.Fingernails help diagnose illnesses but more extensivediagnostic techniques could be necessary to come up with an accurate diagnosis.

The following list are some of the things changes in your nails could indicate.It is taken directly from the site included in the provided link.

  • Short, flat nails – a heart disorder;
  • Large white semicircles on nails – tachycardia;
  • No white semicircle – heart neurosis;
  • Large, bulging nails – tuberculosis;
  • Bulging nails with a large crescent – congenital tuberculosis;
  • Flat deflected nails – bronchial asthma;
  • Tubiform high nails – oncological diseases are possible;
  • Nails curved inwards – hereditary forms of alcoholism;
  • Flattened out nails – intestinal worm invasion;
  • Nails covered little grooves – lime sediments;
  • Slag layers on nails – acute intestinal diseases;
  • Oblong nails – diabetes;
  • Semicircle-shaped nail of the fourth finger – kidney pathology;
  • Almond-shaped veins (waves) on nails – rheumatism;
  • Bitten nails – neurosis, gastritis, female sexual dysfunctions;
  • Little stripes on nails – spleen and small intestine diseases;
  • Triangle nails – spine and spinal cord disorder;
  • Flat nails with a little bulge on a forefinger – spleen problems.
  • Here are some ways your fingernails help diagnose illnesses.
Fingernails Help Diagnose Illnesses

Beau’s Lines

Beau’s Lines can show up several weeks after a serious illness like heart attack, pneumonia or severe fever.

Fingernails Help Diagnose Illnesses

Mee’s Lines

Mee’s Lines are white lines that run across the nail bed.They appear after an acute illness or even Arsenic poisoning.

Fingernails Help Diagnose Illnesses

Vertical Ridges

Vertical Ridges could indicate anemia or kidney disease.

Fingernails Help Diagnose Illnesses


Clubbing of the fingers is when the fingertips become enlarged and round.This could be an indicator or COPD, emphysema, TB, congenital heart failure, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis or other pulmonary diseases.

Fingernails Help Diagnose Illnesses


Pitting of the nails can be found in persons with psoriasis.

Fingernails Help Diagnose Illnesses

Spoon Nails

Spoon Nails are nails that are soft and have an indentation in the middle of the nail.Sometimes this indentation is large enough to hold a drop of water.Spoon nails can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia.

Fingernails help diagnose illnesses but the same can be said of your toenails. If you see changes you can’t relate to a specific event or even if they are and you’re concerned it might be more serious check with your dermatologist to see what they have to say.

Fingernails Help Diagnose Illnesses

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