Getting Past Fibromyalgia Pain

Getting past fibromyalgia painGetting past fibromyalgia pain isn’t easy.  Yesterday, for example, I got sent home from work because my boss could tell I really hurt.  She actually chewed me out for not telling her I hurt.  She didn’t want me there in that kind of pain.

This time the pain has been building for about five days.  It wasn’t one of those flare ups that just hit all at once.  Last Thursday I noticed I was more tender to the touch and had some back spasms.  Friday the aching started and that night I had back spasms and leg cramps so bad I only slept about two hours.  Saturday my entire body burned, I ached, I was tired and my disposition was deteriorating.  I had more back spasms and leg cramps that night.  Sunday I was totally wrung out, tender to the touch, no appetite, upset stomach, nasty disposition, and exhausted; also more leg cramps.  By Monday morning my back was so sore from the spasms and so were my leg muscles that I could hardly move.

I thought I was dehydrated so I increased my water/juice intake.  Maybe my potassium dropped so I ate bananas and too a supplement.  I also increased my calcium and magnesium.  None of these things would help the spasms and cramps.  By this time I’m getting desperate. I thought about trying to sleep in my chair rather than the bed because laying down seemed to make them worse.

I don’t usually have this much problem getting past fibromyalgia pain but somehow, this time it was different. Why? Was it because I started a new job as a cashier and am on my feet six to seven hours a day three days a week?  I really didn’t think that was the issue because I’d been doing it for two weeks prior to this without this much trouble.  Was it because the air conditioning is colder than I’m used to at work?  I work in a restaurant and they need the air on quite cool to stay comfortable in the kitchen.  Was it because I’ve been sewing more and on the computer more at home?  Being hunched over a sewing machine or computer can create complete havoc with my fibro.  I think it was probably a combination of all of these things.

It started with not getting enough sleep and decent rest and from there it snowballed into a pain that I can only describe as white-hot.

Could the new medication my doctor put me on not be doing what it’s supposed to? He took me off what I’d been taking and what had worked for me for several years and put me on a new combination.  He said the Tramadol I was taking for pain could increase my chances of seizures and that I was taking too much Trazadone.  Every other doctor I’d been to had told me this combination was one of the best ones for getting past fibromyalgia pain. I went to him and he added 800 mg of ibuprofen to the mix.  This has helped some but hasn’t relieved the spasms and leg cramps.

Now what do I do about it so I can navigate both at home and work.  The first thing I did when my boss sent me home was make an appointment with my chiropractor.  I know chiropractic treatments don’t work for everyone but they really seem to help me – and this one did too.  Within three hours the pain was almost gone and I didn’t have back spasms or leg cramps last night.  I still didn’t sleep and am sore to the touch today but the majority of the pain is gone.

I can still feel the muscles wanting to tighten up in my back and legs.  I have the notion that if I let my guard down, even for a minute, I’m going to be suffering back spasms and maybe even those ‘lovely’ charlie horses in my legs and feet.  Darn, this time getting past fibromyalgia pain has been a pain in the neck and I’m still not quite there.

My only sources of comfort right now are prayer and a heating pad.  Sometimes I pray before I relax on the pad and other times I have to use the pad before I’m comfortable enough to pray.  I hope God understands when I have to do it this way because it’s hard for me to at times.

Well, tomorrow is another day at work.  I wonder if my body will let me stay or if I’ll get sent home again.  At this point, your guess is as good as mine.

Getting past fibromyalgia pain

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