How to Fit Prayer Into Your Life

How to fit prayer into your lifeHow to fit prayer into your life.  In this hectic, harried world where our time is divided between working too many hours to make ends meet, kid’s activities, clubs, our own recreation, more kids’ activities, and maybe a little down time it might seem impossible to find time for prayer.  Look at your schedule and inside yourself to see which of the things you do can be given up or rearranged to make time for your Lord and Heavenly Father.  Do you have to get up an hour early? Or, do you have to give up one of your TV shows?  Maybe the answer isn’t clear right now but it’s there.

Giving God your time doesn’t mean you have to do an entire hour if you sincerely don’t have it.  It does; however, mean you have to do some preparation.  First choose a time of day when it’s quiet and you won’t be disturbed by anything else.  Secondly find a place that fills the same criteria. Meditating before prayer can be helpful.  It can help you clear your mind of all the clutter and open you up to better communication with God. Once you have accomplished these things you can begin to pray.  Prayer needs to be praise to God, a thank you for all he has done for you, and a request for answers to your need.  Even if you are short of time, you can accomplish this in a few short, sincere sentences.  Just open your heart and let the thoughts come.  Soon your “time with God” will become a habit that is hard to break.  As a result you could very well find more time to give Him and reap the blessings of His love.

My favorite time for prayer is in the morning after breakfast and getting ready for work.  That’s when I can find some quiet moments to converse with my Heavenly Father.  I’m the type of person that has to wake up for a while before I can make sense out of my thoughts and put my words into a prayer.  Some people do better when they first wake up, others are at their best at the end of the day when things are settling down.  If you can find quiet time more than once a day to say a prayer it’s even better.  The more time you spend in prayer the stronger your connection to God and Jesus Christ.  The goal is to figure out how to fit prayer into YOUR life.  You can’t always go by what your clergy wants you to do but you can go by your own schedule and life style.

Often you get tied up in your own lives and don’t even think about it let alone figuring out how to fit prayer into your life. I know it happens to me more often than I want to admit.  The strange thing is that when I don’t take time to pray, even for just a few minutes, my day just doesn’t feel complete.  Some times I pray ‘on the run’, which defies what I just said in the above paragraph, but if I’m really, really rushed to get things done by a deadline I need the extra boost that a quick prayer gives me.  Even just a, “Heavenly Father please help me through this”, can work wonders if you’re facing a difficult project or decision.  God listens and, even though He wants us to take quiet time to talk to him, understands that it isn’t always possible to do that especially in today’s society.  When this happens to me I try to figure out why I didn’t have time to pray that particular day and then make a whole hearted attempt not to let it happen again.  Am I always successful? Of course not, I’m a frail human with many limitations.  I’m just so very grateful that God knows that and I pray He will help me find strength within myself to overcome those frailties.  Just remember, He’s there to help you get back on track too so you can find time to talk to Him every day.

How to Fit Prayer Into Your Life

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