I Miss Snow, That’s Right, I Miss Snow

SnowSnow is a big four letter word to many who live in states where an abundance happens every winter.  It was to us when we lived in Wisconsin too, but now that we’re in Florida…

This is our third winter in Florida and every year, starting in October, I really miss snow.  Even while we were in Wisconsin I would miss it if we had a brown winter I miss the clean white of it when it lies on the grass or hangs in the trees.  I miss the quiet you can hear when snow muffles the sounds around.  I miss the sparkle of the sun and lights on the diamond like flakes.  I miss catching flakes on my tongue (yes, at 62, I would still do that). I miss the fun of walking in new, fluffy snow and making paths.  I miss the contrast of a clear, blue sky and the white snow. I miss hearing the kids squeal during a snowball fight.  I miss seeing their red noses from being out sledding or snow fort building. I miss the things I used to do as a kid too.  I miss sledding, I miss making snowmen, I miss making snow angels.  I miss playing the games my friends and I used to play, making snow forts. Yes people, I miss snow.

Snow Angel

I know it’s hard work when you have to shovel or use the snow blower.   But, when you think about it, how often do you have to do those things.  Occasionally it could be every day but, where we’re from, that didn’t happen all that often.

I know that snow usually means cold. Well, as Mom always used to tell me, “The fresh air will do you good”.  On really cold days you can go in and have hot chocolate or soup when you have the chance.  Drinking something warm and watching the snow fall has always been one of my favorite pass times.

The one thing snow has always meant to me is that Christmas isn’t very far away.  I’ve always loved Christmas and knowing it’s getting closer is very special.  Like snow cleans up the earth, Christmas cleans up my heart and soul.  Sometimes it takes a while for me to get into the spirit of things but once I do…On that note, I wish you love, happiness, and many blessings this Christmas.  Those are things you don’t have to like snow for.




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  1. Marta says:

    Absolutely love the way you have described snow … Its exactly how I feel every winter time and people hate me for saying it out loud that I miss snow, they just tell me to enjoy nice weather while I can, but I love winter, snow, cold, all the magic You have said … #winterlover very nice article 👍🏻

    • linda says:

      Thank you for your comment. I had to go back and read the post since it’s been almost three years since I wrote it. Even though it’s been three years in the future I still miss snow, especially at Christmas. This year was especially hard because it was in the 80’s here in Florida at Christmas. This is very unusual so I’ll thank El Nino for the heat.

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