It Ain’t a Juice Fast Anymore

It ain't a juice fast anymore

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It ain’t a juice fast anymore. Nope, doesn’t even resemble one.  Besides I really screwed up this weekend and I’m feeling the effects of it.  Can’t wait to get back to my veggies today!

Let’s see now, how bad did I mess up = 2 pounds worth, that’s how much.  Even though I was really busy Saturday and had lots of activity I didn’t hold to my new eating habits.  Didn’t misbehave as badly as in the past but still…Saturday I had a smoothie toast, eggs, and potatoes for breakfast, fast food chicken sandwich for lunch, and homemade turkey noodle soup for supper (that was the best choice of the day).  Also had part of a chocolate bar and some ice cream for treats.  Sunday I had a smoothie and homemade sausage egg and cheese muffin sandwich for breakfast, decaf coffee and half of a sweet roll for a snack, a crab cake sandwich (left the bun on my plate), fries, and diet soda for a late lunch, and ice cream before bed.  Yup, I really messed up, didn’t I. No, it ain’t a juice fast anymore.

How did all of this affect me? Not in a good way.  Outside of putting on the two pounds I ache more, my muscles are tender to the touch, my skin feels like it’s on fire, I haven’t slept the best in the past two nights and I just feel dopey.  My mind is blurry and basically non-functional today. Putting two thoughts together to write articles is a REAL effort.  I’ll have to force myself to stay active today or I’ll really be sore later.  If I absolutely HAD to do something I would; but, as long as that’s not the case I’m going to stick with things I WANT to do.  Just some small projects around here will keep me busy part of the day.

No, it ain’t a juice fast anymore; but, does that leave me defeated? Absolutely not! I’ll start fresh today with the eating and by mid-week I should be feeling a lot better.  Even though I know eating right is the best thing to do, sometimes it takes a screw up to be a good reminder.  It ain’t a juice fast anymore and I failed this weekend but here’s to a fresh start – CHEERS!

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  1. Amy says:

    Ahhhhhh! Lol… You did exactly what Randy and I did last weekend, but our mess up lasted for almost the whole month of December! I agree with you, veggies DO feel better!

    I haven’t tried the recipe for greens you sent yet, but will very soon. It looks really good, and I bet I can get Randy to try it. 🙂

    Way to get back into the swing of things GrandMA,

    • linda says:

      My first screw up was after I left work. I ate out of nervousness and net myself 7 lbs. Now I just got rid of 3 and then gained 2 back. Good grief, seems I can’t win 🙂

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