Lose Weight by Doing Isometrics

Lose Weight by Doing Isometrics

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Lose weight by doing isometrics. Isometric exercises can have the same benefits as regular exercise.  They are based on muscle control rather than lifting weights.  They are enjoyable in that they give the same sensations of warm blood in the muscles and relaxation afterwards.  This is the same feeling you have when you stretch in the morning.

Some of the basic benefits of isometrics include, prevention of osteoporosis, better posture, increase muscle strength, weight loss and lower cholesterol.  All this can be achieved with a lot less effort than lifting heavy weights even though weights can be used with them. The really nice thing is that it only takes seven seconds per muscle.

An isometric contraction is the tensing and releasing of a specific muscle.  This tensing does not move the position of the joint.  The contractions caused by this tensing are voluntary and it’s the tension that helps strengthen the working muscle.  Take an example of a bicep curl.  When you do one of these lifting a weight you exert the maximum amount of tension only in the last second.  If you tense the same muscles doing isometrics and hold it for seven seconds you do seven times work without the weight.  It’s a fact that muscle burns more calories than fat so to become well toned with isometrics also helps with a weight loss program.

You need to have a plan as to what type of isometrics you want to do and what your goal is.  You can follow this link to get some ideas on different exercise plans.

Definitely, you can lose weight by doing isometrics but that’s not all there is to this weight loss program.  As with any other weight loss program you need to redefine your diet by eating more good things.  Adding more fruits and vegetables and eliminating simple carbohydrates will be a great benefit and increase your weight loss.  Besides muscles perform better on good food than they do on refined sugars and starches.

Personally I like doing isometrics more than a lot of traditional exercises.  I didn’t have to buy expensive equipment and I can do them anywhere.   The neat thing is that these calorie burning, muscle toning exercises can be done most anywhere.  You can to them in bed, the office, watching TV or chatting with friends. It’s easy to tense an muscle no matter where you are.  A few minutes on a break at work, standing in line in a store, and in most any other situation will do the trick.

Isometric exercises work well for persons with certain limitations.  If you have suffered an injury and are laid up for a while you don’t have to give up on your exercise program.  You can lose weight by doing isometrics in bed or in a chair.  The same holds true for someone who has recently had surgery. Someone with arthritis can benefit greatly by doing isometrics.  Admittedly, keeping your joints moving is the best thing for arthritis, but on those days when it really hurts isometrics will keep you from getting quite so stiff. They can also help keep these individuals from gaining weight especially if the discomfort won’t let them do other exercises for an extended period of time.

Fibromyalgia patients (like me) can benefit too by doing isometrics.  There are lots of days when I, and many others, hurt so badly it’s hard to get out of bed let alone doing much of anything after we’re up.  On those days I do a few isometrics in bed before I get up to get my muscles warmed up before putting my feet on the cold floor.  I find it really helps.  It’s usually those same days I can’t go for my walks or do much house work.  Instead, I’ll do isometrics throughout the day to keep the blood flowing and keep my muscles warm. This might not be the best approach if you’re trying to lose weight but if you just do a few repetitions like someone with fibromyalgia would do it would be better than doing nothing at all. Exercise of any kind when you have a flare up is often the hardest thing you will do but a few isometrics will still be of benefit and you will still burn a few calories.

Yes, you can lose weight by doing isometrics, but you should also incorporate aerobics and weights to get an overall experience.  By alternating between the three you will get a complete workout and not get bored with any of them.  Each type of exercise contributes something to your workout.  They work the muscles in different ways; therefore, they don’t get used to just one form of movement.

You Can Lose Weight by Doing Isometrics

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