Mushrooms Used for Medicinal Purposes



Mushrooms, the medicinal kind, have more benefits for good health and fighting disease than almost any other natural medicine or food.  These particular mushrooms are rich in lipids,

Turkey Tail

vitamins, antioxidants and other good things.  They have been used in Asian culture for thousands of years because of these properties.  Some of the benefits are in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, digestive issues, diabetes, and more.

When we use some kinds of natural medicines our bodies build up a tolerance for them.  Mushrooms, however, can be used long-term and actually train your body to work more efficiently.  In essence it means that the longer you take the medicinal mushrooms the lower the dose you would have to use.

Some of the mushrooms used for medicinal purposes are:

  • Wood Ear

    Wood Ear Fungus – Has an antioxidant called SOD that works in the brain and liver.  It is good for cholesterol, heart health, digestion, and healing wound.

  • musrooms


    Reishi – It has been the mushroom that has been used the longest.  Good for cancer prevention, ulcers, immune strength, heart disease, and inflammation.

  • Shitake – Has lots of amino acids,minerals, and vitamins.  Good for healing infections, cancer prevention and treatment, and reducing high blood pressure.
  • Turkey Tail – Contains PSK which was approved in Japan to treat several types of cancer.  It is still the best-selling cancer drug in that country.  It also bolsters your immunity.
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    Miatake – In Japan it is known as the “King of the Mushrooms” because it tastes so good and has many benefits.  Good for High blood sugar, cancer prevention and treatment, and high blood pressure.

  • Tremella– Used in traditional Chinese Medicine.  Good for lowering blood sugar, fighting tumors, protects against radiation.  When applied to the skin it is a great moisturizer.  It is also made into cough syrup and works well for bronchitis, asthma and dry cough.


  • Chaga – Grows on birch trees and looks like burnt charcoal.  Good for enhancing your immune system, has anticancer properties, and has many antioxidants.

Some medicinal mushrooms can be found in stores like the shitake and miatake.  These as well as the others can also be found in supplement form.


Medicinal Mushrooms

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