Reading for Relaxation

Reading for RelaxationReading for relaxation is one of my favorite pass times. Even though I’m relaxing with a good book or magazine I can still be learning something.  My new favorite is quilting.  I have the enthusiasm and lack of knowledge of a beginner and love to read about different patterns and techniques to use on my next project. For the most part, when I read, I just want to enjoy a good story.  I tend to gravitate towards novels with a human interest theme or based on a historical period.  Right now I’m reading The Help and, for me, it fits into both categories. My husband used to get aggravated with me because, when I’m in my reading zone, not much else breaks through.  He can describe something on TV or his lap top and I don’t even hear him.

Reading for relaxation doesn’t have to be done alone.  Reading stories to your children gives them quiet time and teaches both of you to relax and enjoy the moment.  They also learn from you as you read to them.  Reading aloud to someone, either a child or an adult, can help them relax into a restful sleep.  It also lets them know that someone cares enough about them to spend this kind of quality time with them.

Book clubs offer a way to relax with a good book and share thoughts on that book.

If your reading for relaxation revolves around sport pick up a sports magazine or book about your favorite team or athlete and learn more about them while putting your feet up.  Avid cooks may find cook books the most relaxing thing they can set down with.  They can find great recipes or “fix” ones they are familiar with. Someone who sews might relax with style magazines.  People interested in finance might be totally enthralled with the “Wall Street Journal”.  Reading for relaxation can be done most anywhere as long as you’re reading something you really enjoy.

Reading doesn’t have to be topic specific.  Finding a great fiction, romance, or non-fiction book can be just what you need.  One of the first places to look for a good book is your local library.  They can all be wandered through to see if you can find what you want or you can call them to check on a particular book or author.  You can also check on-line to see if something is available.  I like the idea of the library because when done with the book you can return it for something new and exciting.  If you’re looking to purchase books, and don’t mind if they’re used, check out thrift sales and thrift stores for some good buys.

The world of reading is varied as the people who enjoy reading. You can just kick back and relax with a favorite author or you can read up on your favorite pass time.


Reading for Relaxation


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