How to Reduce Triglycerides Naturally

  how to reduce triglycerides naturallyMy triglycerides have always run high but recently hit 313.  Holy Cow anyway!! I don’t want another pill so I want to know how to reduce triglycerides naturally.

I already know some of the things to do to figure out how to reduce triglycerides naturally but I’m still looking for more information. Doing things like eliminating refined sugars and even natural sugars like honey and molasses could help.  I knew fruit juices you buy in the store contain added sugars but really never gave a thought to home squeezed or canned fruit juice; but, I guess, in this case – sugar is sugar.  Also giving up fatty meats and dairy will help.  Anything that puts ‘bad’ fats in your body should be eliminated. Giving up some of this won’t be too hard but darn, I don’t want to give up my pizza.  Another thing to avoid is alcohol.

Also in my research on how to reduce triglycerides naturally I’ve discovered that you should replace all of the bad stuff you eat with healthier choices. Duh, I guess that’s common sense isn’t it. Tart cherry juice is supposed to be good for lowering triglycerides. In a study at the University of Michigan that was done on rats it was discovered that even if the rats ate a high fat diet their cholesterol dropped just by drinking tart cherry juice.

Another thing on the list of things to do to reduce triglycerides is to exercise thirty minutes a day five days a week.  Now I don’t do quite thirty minutes a day five days a week but I do twenty minutes a day six days a week plus I work in a restaurant.  I figure I get my right amount of exercise.  Also, housework, gardening and any other chore that creates exertion are counted as exercise.  I count painting the inside of my home on the list too. If you use your muscles and maybe even work up a sweat, it counts; just sustain it for twenty to thirty minutes.

How often and when you eat could play a part in your cholesterol and triglyceride levels too.  It is suggested that you eat several small meals during the day and don’t eat late at night.  That’s information that has been around for many years so there must be some validity in it.

Learning how to reduce triglycerides naturally isn’t new for me.  Like I said earlier, my triglyceride level has always been high but most of the time it’s been 192 to 200.  This jump to 313 in less than two years has given me something to think about.  So now what do I do.

First of all I’ll stock up on more raw vegetables.  I’ll snack on them before I’ll eat canned or cooked ones.  I/we already eliminated most of the red meat from our diet at home.  Lots of chicken and fish fill our menus and have for several years.  That’s one strike in our favor.  I’ll have to convince my husband that he doesn’t need to keep ice cream in the freezer…another of my weaknesses. If he wants some he can go get a cone or ice cream bar and keep it away from me. We drink fruit smoothies every morning; I might have to find a less sugary way of making them.  (time to look up some recipes I guess) Also, my blood work five months ago showed a drop in kidney function so I’ve been packing away cranberries and cranberry juice. My blood work last week didn’t show that so I think I can quit those and eliminate all that sugar.

My dad had atherosclerosis from high triglycerides so it does run in my family.  I guess there’s not much I can do about that except make some lifestyle changes and hope that I can get it under control on my own.  Dad also smoked and drank for many, many years. I don’t do either of those now but I used to.

My doctor wanted me to try a drug called Welchlor but we discovered I can’t take it.  In the printout that comes with the drug it states that persons who have had major gastrointestinal surgery or run the possibility of forming intestinal blockages should not take it.  I have an ileostomy so that immediately took me off the list of those who can take this drug.  My doctor has now put me on 1000 mg of fish oil and 1000 mg of flax seed oil to see if it will come down on it’s own.  I see him in a month so will see what happens. I pray this works because I don’t want another drug in my system.  I take enough medication for other things as it is.

How to reduce triglycerides naturally

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