Rose Oil has Many Uses

Rose oil has many usesRose oil has many uses.  It is much more than a lovely scent.

I use it as a perfume and deodorant.  After mixing it with a little carrier oil like jojoba, sunflower or olive oil or a bit of lotion I put it on my pulse points just like I would perfume.  I also rub it under my arms for a deodorant.  Pure rose oil has some antibacterial properties that will help keep underarm odor at bay.  Using a natural deodorant is much better for you than clogging your pores with antiperspirant. Yes you sweat but that’s what your body is supposed to do.  I do us an antiperspirant if I’m going out for the evening or for some other special occasion.  Even then I buy an unscented antiperspirant and put a little rose oil on top of the antiperspirant.  By the way, this can be done with any of your favorite oils.

As I indicated, rose oil has many uses.  It’s pleasant scent is a great stress reliever.  A study showed that individuals that applied rose oil to their skin were more relaxed than those that were given plain oil or lotion.

There is evidence that suggests rose oil can help alleviate menopausal symptoms when used in a massage.  The only thing is that the study didn’t prove if it was the rose oil, the massage, or a combination of the two.

Rose oil combined with lavender oil, sage oil, and a carrier oil could help with menstrual cramps when massaged into the abdomen.

Rose oil has many uses and can be applied on the skin.  It can be used in a diffuser to put scent into an entire room. A few drops can be put on a hot light bulb to give off a pleasant scent.

Put a couple of drops of rose oil on your pillow to help you drift into a sound sleep at night.  Putting two drops of the oil in a warm bath and soaking for fifteen to twenty minutes before bed will accomplish the same thing.

If you put a couple of drops on a wash cloth after you shower and rub it all over your body you’ll not only smell good but you’ll be relaxed and more stress free all day.

Rose oil can help relieve pain by using it as a compress.  Put five or six drops of rose oil in hot or cold water, soak a cloth in it and apply to the tender area.

Steaming yourself with rose oil can help relieve lung congestion, nausea, liver congestion, hay fever and other things.  Put four or five drops of oil in very hot water and inhale for a few minutes.  You can put a towel over your head to keep the steam more concentrated.

Add a couple of drops to your face cream.  It will help relieve inflammation and irritation.  It can also relieve herpes and eczema.

Rose oil has many uses and it can become a good friend to you.  Rose oil is one of my favorites and hopefully will become one of yours too.

Rose Oil Has Many Uses

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