Saving on Prescription Drugs

Saving on Prescription DrugsSaving on prescription drugs isn’t an easy task. With the cost of prescription drugs still climbing most everyone is looking for ways to lower the cost.  There are ways you can lower the cost of your prescription drugs and still get the quality and dosage you need.

The most common way to get a lower cost drug is to ask your doctor if there is a generic drug on the market for the one they have prescribed.  Doctors don’t always know the price structure of the drugs so you might have to do some research.  Check with your pharmacist or look up equivalent drugs on-line then check back with your doctor to see if one of them will work.

Another way your doctor might be able to help you keep costs down is to provide you with free samples they might have on hand.  This isn’t the best way, by far, to get your drugs but it can work.  If you feel it is necessary to go this route be sure to ask your doctor how long they will be able to give you the samples.  Sometimes doctors only have a few to give, but while you are on those you can be researching alternative drugs to use when they are gone.

One other way to save is pill splitting.  By buying tablets in a higher dose and splitting them to get the dose you need you can sometimes save money.  Pill splitting isn’t recommended often because it has one big drawback.  Sometimes the pills won’t divide evenly and then you have one low dose and one high dose.

Saving on prescription drugs can also be done by ordering a 90 day supply when it’s available.  Many times a 90 day supply will only cost one co-pay.  Check with your pharmacist to see if you can do this if you get them at a pharmacy.

Getting your drugs through the mail can be a way of saving on prescription drugs. Mail order drugs tend to be less expensive than getting them through a pharmacy. There’s also a good chance you can get the 90 day supply this way if you can’t through a pharmacy.

Visit your doctor periodically to review all the medications you take.  It might be that you are taking some that no longer do you any good and could discontinue.

 Get a copy of your insurance company’s formulary for drugs they will cover.  Take it to your doctor and ask him to review it to see if he can switch any of your brand name drugs for generics that are covered.  If he or she can’t do that see if there’s another drug that is less expensive that you could be switched to.

Pharmaceutical companies will sometimes help people in need with their drug costs.  There are certain guidelines and paperwork that apply when working with these companies.  If you do qualify the savings can be very helpful.

Some pharmacies offer discount cards for people that have minimal or no drug coverage.  Check to see if yours might be one.

No, saving on prescription drugs isn’t easy but with a little research on your part you might be able to save a considerable amount of money.  Believe me, it’s worth the effort to check out.

Saving on Prescription Drugs

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