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Share a fibromyalgia updateThis article is to share a fibromyalgia update is on my own experience since February, 2013 when I made my last post. I’ve discovered a few things or perhaps I should say rediscovered a few things about fibromyalgia that hadn’t been plaguing me for quite a while. That’s why I decided to share a fibromyalgia update.

First of all, I’m not invincible! Now isn’t that a shock.  On the other hand, I’m not an invalid either. Yet another shock.  Somewhere in the middle of those two things exists the person that I am.

I am a 63 year old woman who has had fibromyalgia since 1994.  Well, I’m not alone in that boat.  I’ve known for years that there are many people out there that have fibromyalgia and I’d like some of them to share their updates in comments to this article. I truly believe that by sharing our own experiences we can help others.

Some questions I would like to have them answer are:

How long have you had it?

How do you cope?

Do you use pain medication or some holistic method of pain control?

How active are you?

How does your family deal with your disease?

And anything else that you feel you want to share.

Since February of this year I’ve been working more hours in a restaurant.  I’ve been on my feet more just standing and walking.  There are days I can hardly put one foot in front of the other when I first get out of bed.  I’ve discovered however, that once I get moving things aren’t so bad.  I’ve also started walking with my husband and a neighbor lady as many days a week as I can.  This supports the information I’ve read that staying active can help the fibromyalgia pain. I have days, of course, when I can’t move very well but I still try to do something on those days too even if it’s just walking around the house a lot.  I wear a pedometer and try to take at lease 5,000 steps a day…That’s approximately 2 miles.  Most days I’m successful.

I try to stretch twice a day.  In the morning after I’ve been moving around for a while and, most importantly for me, about 2 hours before I go to bed.  The before bed stretches help my sore muscles relax so I sleep better.  This works especially good after I’ve taken a fairly hot shower or soaked in a tub with epsom salts. I do the epsom salt baths after working for 6 – 8 hours and that helps the muscle pain.

I want to share a fibromyalgia update on my diet too.  Right now my diet is in conflict.  I tried to stay away from foods like chocolate, nuts, cheese and several others that I had always read were bad for people with fibromyalgia.  I even wrote an article on this much earlier on this site.  Now I just read an article that says that studies have shown that avoiding specific foods doesn’t necessarily affect fibromyalgia.  The article  also said that if you think a food is effecting your fibromyalgia you should eliminate it for 4 – 6 weeks and then reintroduce it and see what happens.  It goes on to say that eating a healthy, well-balanced diet will help you feel better.  This, of course, we already knew. The reason for my diet conflict is that my kidneys are malfunctioning and a lot of things on a well-balanced diet are forbidden on an kidney diet; that’s another article after I do more research.

I accidentally found some essential oil blends on line that have really helped my muscle pain. One contains black pepper oil and one contains ginger.  The one with black pepper oil is best for strained muscles and when the muscle pain isn’t very bad.  The one with ginger oil works not only for really sore muscles but it also helps prevent muscle spasms.  I apply it to my lower back, hips and legs.  After I do I don’t experience charlie horses or restless legs so much.  I’ve used both on arms, shoulders and my neck too.  They are each $15.95 and well worth the price; in fact it’s time for me to order more.

It’s been said that meditation relaxation helps.  Well meditation and I are still at odds.  I can’t slow my mind down for more that 2 or 3 minutes at a time but it’s comforting to know I’m not alone there either.  All I can do is keep trying and maybe save up and hire a meditation coach if there is such a thing.  Ahh, research for another article!

Florida heat and humidity is here so I already know I’m in for some uncomfortable weeks until it passes.  I/we love Florida but I have a hard time with pain and stiffness when summer is here.  I have a friend that lives across the street and she has the same problem in summer.

The friend I just mentioned and I talk a lot about our pain and frustrations with fibromyalgia.  It helps to have a sounding board to share with.  I would suggest that you find someone who had fibromyalgia and share what you’re going through with that person.  Perhaps he or she can give you some ideas for coping that you haven’t already tried.

I’m still sewing and quilting as something to keep my mind occupied.  It not only helps deal with the pain and stiffness it seems to be helping some with the fibro fog that haunts many of us.  I also read a lot and then do a mental book report back to myself to see how much I’ve retained.  OK, sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t, but at least my mind is occupied at the time and I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself.

From the length of this article I think my idea to share a fibromyalgia update was a good one.  I told myself when I started this blog that it was to share my own experiences as well as research other health issues.  Thank you for reading this and I hope it has helped you in some small way.  I look forward to reading anything you might like to share with me.

Stay healthy, get some sun for vitamin D, and share a fibromyalgia update – if not with me then with someone else who understands.


Share a fibromyalgia update


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  1. Barbara Moore says:

    I’m 64, I was diagnosed with, mono, in 2010, for six months it never got better so they called the, CDC. they said, after 6 months its called, chronic fatigue. that went on for four years, with occassional flare ups of mono…then one day, everything got worse, and pain. I was sent back to the, CDC where its been diagnosed as, fibromyalgia. I do all I can stand to do, if i Push it too far it makes it worse. I have been all organic with everything, the best supplements I can find of all kinds, removed all chemical use. I don’t even use deodorant. I drink tons of water. I’m not getting any better yet. I also use essential oils. I’m so sick and tired of all this. I take prescription sleep meds, and pain meds when I need to…I’m not staying up all night every night. I did that for years and I’m sure it helped to make things worse. I’m worn out. there are days I can’t stand it anymore. I watch people my age getting about there day. I resent what I’ve lost. I had the energy of 5 people, and always enjoyed good health. I’m just tired. warn out and tired. If not for the fact that it would make things worse, I would break down and cry and never stop.

    • linda says:

      Dear Barbara, I’m 65 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1996. The first 13 years were plain awful. Constant pain, depression, lack of sleep, mood swings, you name it I had it. Every symptom you can find connected with this “stuff”. I tried several different medications just to be comfortable then in 2009 I changed doctors because we moved to Florida. This doctor started me on an, at that time, new drug, Savella. It is specifically for fibro patients. It along with my Tramadol and Tylenol for pain, Tizanidine for muscle spasms and Trazadone for sleep have helped immensely. I went back to work full time for over a year and then had to change to a part time job because the pain kicked up again. I fully retired Dec. 2013. Not working has helped as much or more than anything else. Yes money is tight but we’ve just changed our spending habits: Less eating out, less treats in the house and that type of thing. Of course the less eating out and less treats have made us cut back on sugars and I found that sugar is one of my biggest triggers. I really is frustrating to watch other people our age be so active isn’t it. My neighbor and I are painting the inside of a home that’s been on the market for a year and at 82 she works circles around me. I asked her to help and she’s doing most of the painting. I feel so guilty and that I’m using her. I certainly understand those feelings. Just between you and me…A good cry is a good release for the tension and frustration you’re feeling. I actually feel better if I can let it out once in a while. Don’t take me wrong. I still have many days I have to say no to doing things, I still get frustrated and angry and all those things but I have finally learned how to cope better. It comes with time and patience, lots of both. I’m going to suggest you find a support group to be in or at least have someone you’re extremely close to and that understands you to talk to. Talking it out and, yes, crying it out, sometimes helps as much as medication and sleep. Let me know how you do and I hope this has helped you some. My prayers are with you, Linda

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