Shoes for Fibromyalgia Patients

shoes for fibromyalgia patientsGood Shoes for fibromyalgia patients are a necessity.  Fibromyalgia patients should take care of their feet as well as the rest of their bodies.  After all, our feet move us from point to point, help us exercise, and assist us in keeping our balance.

I know it sounds grandmaish but a good, sturdy, well fitting shoe will give you what you need to stay comfortable and hopefully be able to do some exercise.

One person, Leslie Patino, invests in Merrells which range between $75.00 – $100.00.  After checking their site their running/walking shoes rank between four and five stars. She also went to a shoe store and found a sales person that knew what they were doing.  This person helped her pick out a pair of Asics.  These ran $130.o0 for her but she’s certain they were one of the best investments she’s ever made.  According to their site some of their shoes go for well under $100.00. Ms. Patino also has a pretty cool blog of her own.

Shoes like ‘Shapeups’ or other toning shoes might not be the best idea for those of us with fibromyalgia.  They are constructed to keep you unbalanced.  The fact that you are unbalanced makes you use the muscles in your legs and butt to keep yourself upright.  Well kids, we all know what over exerting our already tender, stiff muscles can do.  I have a pair of these and know from experience they can make my legs darned awful sore if I wear them for more than a couple of hours at a time.  Less if I’m walking a lot.  I thought that they would be great for strengthening my legs since it’s hard for me to walk any distance on a regular basis. I discovered that I was wrong.  I still wear them but only for my short walks of about fifteen minutes and then not every day.  I also discovered that I can’t use them for work.  I stand behind a cash register at work and really have to work at standing steady when I wear these shoes.

Because the pain in my feet can vary from day to day I actually have four pair I rotate.  I have a pair of New Balance that are super comfy. They are wide in the toes and have a well fitting heel (my heels are a AAA and very hard to fit).  I have  a pair of Sketchers Bikers.  These are surprisingly comfortable for work and short walks.  They fit like a slipper and supports me where I need it. I have a pair of Earth Shoes sandals that, even after four years, are still very comfortable. And lastly I have a pair of Cobby Cuddlers from, of all places, K-Mart that are quick, easy and comfy.  I’ll wear these with skirts or dress slacks.

I do have three pair of dress shoes with heels but don’t wear them very often.  My two pair of Clarks are the most comfortable but they have 1 1/2″ heels and I can only wear them for church or a special occasion where I won’t be on my feet for very long.  I also have a pair of 1 1/2″ heeled Naturalizers that used to be comfortable but I can’t wear them at all anymore.  Heels have a tendency to throw me totally off kilter.  My legs, hips, and lower back really suffer if I wear them.  Again thanks to the fibromyalgia.

When you purchase shoes be sure they fit when you first try them on.  So many of us, me included, have, and maybe still do, purchased shoes with the idea they will stretch to fit and conform to our feet and be comfortable.  Trying to break in a pair of shoes isn’t the best thing for anyone to do but for those of us already in pain it just makes matters worse.

Good shoes for fibromyalgia patients are important but another thing you might want to try are inserts. I have a pair of Dr. Scholls custom inserts that I wear in my New Balance shoes.  I have also purchased two pair of Happy Feet inserts that I wear.  These little wonders are liquid filled and massage your feet as you walk.  I wear them with the custom inserts or alone and they really do help.  They run about $50.00 but are well worth the price.

Good shoes for fibromyalgia patients are as varied as the patients themselves.  For some, a difference in shoes doesn’t make a bit of difference; for others it can make a huge difference.  I’ve tried several brands of shoes in the years I’ve had this disease and have found that sometimes it just doesn’t make a difference which shoe I have on.  I still hurt!!! In fact, I go barefoot as much as I can because it just feels the best for me.

The right shoes for fibrmyalgia patients can be difficult so good luck in your search for the right shoe.  I’m well aware it can get expensive when they don’t fit like you were hoping; but, many shoe stores have a decent return policy as long as the shoes haven’t been worn outside.  Might I suggest that you buy your shoes and wear them around the house for several days before using them for exercise or work.  That way, if you decide you don’t like them, you’ll have a better chance of returning them.

Shoes for Fibromyalgia Patients

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