Sinus Infection Cured with Essential Oils

Sinus InfectionSinus infection! That miserable pain and pressure around your eyes and the constant blowing of your nose. It could be a cold or allergies or it could be a sinus infection.

To relieve your sinus infection you could try over the counter medications or go to the doctor for some antibiotics.  But, before you do those things why not try an all natural way of clearing up the stuff.

Essential oils have been used for this purpose for eons.  They are all natural and safe to use.  The two most popular ones are Peppermint oil and Eucalyptus oil.  These oils can be mixed with lotion or carrier oil and put under the nose and around the sinus area.  Two drops of either oil or one of each oil mixed with two teaspoons of carrier oil is all you need.  This amount will last for several applications so keep the oil mixture in a tightly sealed bottle and in a dark, dry area to preserve the strength. They can also be mixed with distilled water and inhaled by means of a diffuser, steamer, or steam tent.  Just two or three drops in the water will do.  Inhale deeply for a few minutes several times a day.  You should start to feel better within hours.

Oregano is also popular for clearing up sinus infection.  It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so it kills any bugs that are present.  This oil can be mixed with water, juice, canned fruit, or anything else to make it palatable.  Mix three to four drops of Oregano oil in your food of choice and eat several times a day. I’ve tryed this before and it worked, not only for sinus infection but it took care of a bladder infection too.  The down side to this is Oregano oil has a very strong taste and if it’s not mixed in very well it will burn your mouth.  Not a good method for children. It can also be applied topically if the taste is too strong.

Lavender and Myrtle are other oils that have been used for sinus infection.  They have anti-bacterial elements that go into effect when inhaled or applied.  Other anti-bacterial oils are Lemongrass, Bergamot, Clove, Sage, Patchouli, and Lemon.  You could mix a drop or two with the peppermint or eucalyptus oils and apply around your sinuses.

Sinus Infection

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  1. Israel says:

    Essential oils can definitely be great tools for clearing up sinus issues- I actually just completely relieved my congestion and am quickly regaining my sense of smell within an hour or two of EO treatment. One thing to note about oregano oil- I would NOT make this one a first-line remedy! Oregano is possibly the single most potent antimicrobial EO available- I’ve seen published studies concluding that high-carvacrol examples are capable of sterilizing raw sewage at absurdly low concentrations (less than 1%!)- so its probably bestto think of this one a something of a “tactical nuke”: an option best left as a last resort when all else fails. If used for respiratory issues, there is little reason to take oregano by mouth. Since the target tissue is in the upper respiratory tract, inhalation via diffuser or steamtent would be a better choice. Be aware, also, that oregan oil DOES have side effects when taken internally! One of the greatest advantages of essenital oils as antimicrobial agents is that they are NON-SELECTIVE and tend to work across the board. Unfortunately, this means that they also indiscriminately kill off beneficial GI flora along with pathogenic microbes. =( Whenever taking oregano oil internally, you should make sure to also take a good probiotic during and immediately following treatment in order to avoid serious disruption of GI flora.

    On a related note: I generally prefer frankincense as my go-to essential oil for most all things sinus/respiratory. =)

  2. Bets says:

    1st – I haven’t had any type of sinus / allergy problems for over a year. So I don’t know whether essential oils would help me if I did – but I do feel they would & I have a good supply of these oils.

    But Just For Anyone’s information. I try & take Oregano Oil (not the essential oil variety) every day to help build my immune system and it works. I just put a drop at the back of my tongue then drink some water. (I believe the brand is Zand)

    And I’ve not had Any problems doing this and no change in my GI flora.
    I’m writing this because I don’t want others to feel afraid to use Oregano Oil & if any questions to just do some more research.

    • linda says:

      Hi Bets, It’s taken me a while to get to answering my comments. Thank you for the info. on Oregano Oil. I know it has many health properties to it if taken internally. Could you share where you bought yours. I’d like to get some and I’m sure others would too. Both my husband and I suffer with allergies since moving to Florida and any help is greatly appreciated.

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