Square Dancing for Exercise and Fun

Square DancingSquare Dancing is an older dance that has survived over the years.  It consists of four couples dancing together forming a square.  The steps to square dancing are  low impact so it would be good exercise for people who love to dance but, for some reason, need to take it a bit easy.

It’s not only good exercise, it’s fun.  If you have a group of four couples you can all go have a great time doing this.  If it’s just you and a partner, going to a square dance is a good way to meet and mingle with others.  Even if you go alone it’s likely you’ll end up on a square at some point in the dance.  There are square dancing clubs all over the country.  A little research could open the door to an old pass time or maybe a new adventure.

The basic steps in square dancing are quite simple. The Circle Family is what it sounds like.  The couples all join hands and circle either to the right or left. If the direction isn’t specified always circle left.  The Forward and Back step consists of each dancer taking three steps forward, bringing the free foot forward , touching it to the floor and then stepping back three steps.  You finish up on the count of eight with both feet beside each other.  The Dosado is when two dancers skip toward one another and then they pass in back of each other and skip backwards to the starting position.  The Promenade is done when each couple hold hand and walks around the square.  It usually ends up with each couple getting back to their starting or “home” position.  In the Allemande Left dancers face their corners, twirl by grasping left fore arms and releasing the hold.  They end up facing their partner.  Also included in beginning steps are Arm Turns, Right and Left Grand, Star Family, Star Promenade, Pass Through, Split the Outside, Half Sashay, Turn Back Family, Separate, Courtesy Turn, Ladies Chain, Do Poso and several others.



Square Dancing


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