Crohn’s Disease Management

Crohn’s disease management is a topic that is near and dear to the individuals that have this particular disease. When I was diagnosed in 1978 management options weren’t that many. We relied on sulfa drugs, steroids, and whatever diet management worked at the time. As a result I lost over 40 pounds in three months. […] Read more »

This is Your Body

This is Your Body

This is your body on Exercise. Swimming, dancing, hiking, and any other aerobic exercise will decrease your stress after thirty minutes.  David Raichlen, an anthropology researcher from the University of Arizona, and his team have found that exercise stirs up the feel good endorphins in the brain.  Also, a sixteen week study conducted by Dr. […] Read more »

Serotonin Levels and Fibromyalgia

Serotonin Levels and Fibromyalgia

Serotonin levels and fibromyalgia are integrated when it comes to how we deal with our fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ve talked about serotonin before.  It’s a neurotransmitter (chemical that sends a specific message from one brain cell to another) that is believed to play an important role in controlling our moods. Only 1% to 2% of all […] Read more »

Is Fibromyalgia Real

Is fibromyalgia real

Is fibromyalgia real? To use an old phrase from the 70’s, “You bet your bippy”, it’s real. Every day when I check my website for what searches have been done I come across some that I want to respond to.  Today I’m responding to the person that searched for, “My husband doesn’t believe in fibromyalgia”. […] Read more »

Fibromyalgia and Working

fibromyalgia and working

Fibromyalgia and working outside the home might seem like a daunting task but it can be done.  No matter where you work there are certain things that you can do or your employer can do to help you stay employed. Many of us who have fibromyalgia tend to keep our symptoms to ourselves because we […] Read more »

How to Stay Fit After Fifty

As we age staying fit becomes more difficult…Now tell me something I don’t know.  Any of us who are aging need to know how to stay fit after fifty. The benefits of exercise are important to everyone but those over the age of fifty can have some particular needs.  Those of us in that age […] Read more »

Does Meditation Come Easy

Does Meditation Come Easy

Does meditation come easy? No, not for everyone.  If you’re like me your mind is too busy to quiet down long enough to meditate.  Frankly, I find this a pain in the tush. So many times I’ve just wanted to quiet my thoughts and convince myself to let my mind go blank, or convince myself […] Read more »

Lose Weight by Doing Isometrics

Lose weight by doing isometrics. Isometric exercises can have the same benefits as regular exercise.  They are based on muscle control rather than lifting weights.  They are enjoyable in that they give the same sensations of warm blood in the muscles and relaxation afterwards.  This is the same feeling you have when you stretch in […] Read more »

Reiki and Healing

Reiki and healing go together. Reiki is a healing practice that has its origins in Japan.  The work Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy” in Japanese. It is used in the treatment in the reduction of stress and healing of most any ailment and is done with the laying on of hands.  Reiki treats […] Read more »

How Reflexology Works and Where it Began

How Reflexology Works

How reflexology works is really quite interesting.  In the 1800’s Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington did some research that showed a relationship between the skin and the internal organs.  This research also showed that our entire nervous system is affected by certain types of stimulus. This theory indicates that when pressure is applied […] Read more »