How to Reduce Triglycerides Naturally

Fibromyalgia and Weight Control

  My triglycerides have always run high but recently hit 313.  Holy Cow anyway!! I don’t want another pill so I want to know how to reduce triglycerides naturally. I already know some of the things to do to figure out how to reduce triglycerides naturally but I’m still looking for more information. Doing things […] Read more »

Nutri Bullet Review

Nutri Bullet ads have been on TV for some time now. Our son and his family have one and they kept giving rave reviews about it. Finally, about a month ago. Our son made us one of their super smoothies. All he did is put in frozen berries and a little bit of milk. It […] Read more »

Improve Your Health with a Fecal Transplant

Improve your health with a fecal transplant

Improve your health with a fecal transplant.  It sounds gross, bizarre, and what the hell(?).  At least that’s what I thought when I first heard about it last week.  Come to find out I’m way behind in my information. Fecal microbiotica transplantation (FMT) is done to treat several conditions.  Ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and […] Read more »

The Spicy Dad

The Spicy Dad

The spicy dad is someone who loves to include flavor in their meals. Many dads are now today’s cooks and hail to him that thinks there is more to spices than salt and pepper.  Salt and pepper are a great place to start but there are so many more spices available to make your dishes […] Read more »

Obsession With Healthy Foods, Also Known as Orthorexia

Obsession With Healthy Foods

Obsession with healthy foods, also known as orthorexia nervosa (a non-medical term) is characterized by people who take healthy eating to a new level.  These individuals become obsessed with eating, planning meals, buying only healthy foods, a preparing only healthy foods.  This obsession can be to a point where the individual considers these things their […] Read more »

Lack of Exercise Can do This

Lack of Exercise Can do This

  Lack of Exercise Can do This As I was relaxing and pondering the problems of the world I realized that I don’t really give a hoot.  It’s the tortoise life for me! 1.   If walking/cycling is good for your health, the postman would be immortal. 2.  A whale swims all day, only eats fish, […] Read more »

How Reflexology Works and Where it Began

How Reflexology Works

How reflexology works is really quite interesting.  In the 1800’s Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington did some research that showed a relationship between the skin and the internal organs.  This research also showed that our entire nervous system is affected by certain types of stimulus. This theory indicates that when pressure is applied […] Read more »

What is EFT Tapping and How Does it Work

What if EFT tapping and how does it work

What is EFT tapping and how does it work? We’ll get into that in a moment.  It is something that caught my interest several years ago when I was under a tremendous amount of stress.  I was introduced to it by my reflexologist at the time.  She was, and still is, very involved in alternative […] Read more »

Juice Fast (Modified) Day 6

Juice Fast

Juice fast = only drinking vegetable and fruit juices, and you’re supposed to do this for 10 days.  My daughter-in-law found out (twice) that the last few days can be really difficult but in the end it was worth it for her. This time she lost her holiday weight this time and reports more energy. […] Read more »

Juice Fast (Modified) Day 4

Juice Fast

Juice fast.  Sounds simple doesn’t it.  Well so far, because I can’t do just juice alone, I’ve only lost a pound. If you read my previous article on this you know I have an ileostomy and that plain liquid goes through in a hurry.  I also have fibromyalgia which, for some reason, makes me crave […] Read more »