Face it, lutefisk STINKS when you cook it!! Especially the kind made from cod. It can also be made from pollock or haddock. These fish are almost odorless. It is made from air dried or salt dried whitefish (cod or ling) and lye. Its translation from Norwegian literally means lye fish. The lye used in […] Read more »

Crohn’s Disease Management

Crohn’s disease management is a topic that is near and dear to the individuals that have this particular disease. When I was diagnosed in 1978 management options weren’t that many. We relied on sulfa drugs, steroids, and whatever diet management worked at the time. As a result I lost over 40 pounds in three months. […] Read more »

Serotonin Levels and Fibromyalgia

Serotonin Levels and Fibromyalgia

Serotonin levels and fibromyalgia are integrated when it comes to how we deal with our fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ve talked about serotonin before.  It’s a neurotransmitter (chemical that sends a specific message from one brain cell to another) that is believed to play an important role in controlling our moods. Only 1% to 2% of all […] Read more »

Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food is beneficial in several ways. It’s a lot of work but pays off in the long run. There are several very good reasons for growing your own food. Home grown fruits and vegetables taste better.  They have a wonderful sin kissed taste that doesn’t come with hot hour produce. They are […] Read more »

The Spicy Dad

The Spicy Dad

The spicy dad is someone who loves to include flavor in their meals. Many dads are now today’s cooks and hail to him that thinks there is more to spices than salt and pepper.  Salt and pepper are a great place to start but there are so many more spices available to make your dishes […] Read more »

Obsession With Healthy Foods, Also Known as Orthorexia

Obsession With Healthy Foods

Obsession with healthy foods, also known as orthorexia nervosa (a non-medical term) is characterized by people who take healthy eating to a new level.  These individuals become obsessed with eating, planning meals, buying only healthy foods, a preparing only healthy foods.  This obsession can be to a point where the individual considers these things their […] Read more »

Quick Skin Care Tips

Quick Skin Care Tips

Quick skin care tips will keep your skin refreshed and glowing even when chasing children and working out of the home. Skin care doesn’t have to take forever. First of all, make up is not necessary.  It’s great for evening out your skin tone and adding a little color to your cheeks but it is […] Read more »

Juice Fasting Leads to Better Choices

Juice Fasting leads to better choices

Juice fasting leads to better choices.  It’s one of those things that you hear is true but don’t know it’s true until you do a juice fast. Or, at least, add juices to your existing diet. Now I know that my juice fast wasn’t a true juice fast but I’ve discovered that even modifying it […] Read more »

Dealing With Anxiety and Stress

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety and stress isn’t always easy because they are part of our daily lives.  They often serve a good purpose in that they make us aware of situations that could be dangerous.  When the anxiety and stress starts to pile up and make our lives difficult it’s time to take stock of the […] Read more »

Juice Fast (Modified) Day 4

Juice Fast

Juice fast.  Sounds simple doesn’t it.  Well so far, because I can’t do just juice alone, I’ve only lost a pound. If you read my previous article on this you know I have an ileostomy and that plain liquid goes through in a hurry.  I also have fibromyalgia which, for some reason, makes me crave […] Read more »