How Reflexology Works and Where it Began

How Reflexology Works

How reflexology works is really quite interesting.  In the 1800’s Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington did some research that showed a relationship between the skin and the internal organs.  This research also showed that our entire nervous system is affected by certain types of stimulus. This theory indicates that when pressure is applied […] Read more »

Raindrop Massage Benefits

Raindrop Massage

Raindrop Massage benefits come from the combination of aromatherapy and massage to create a wonderful and beneficial massage.  The oils that are used are carefully chosen and dropped onto areas of the back and feet.  The areas on the feet correspond with spinal reflexology area. This type of massage is good for people that have […] Read more »

Trigger Points and Self Management

Trigger points, I have several of them due to the fibromyalgia but my favorite, and I use the word loosely, is one that strikes under my right shoulder-blade.  This little beast can make me miserable for days on end.  It gives me referred pain in the neck, shoulder, in back of the shoulder-blade and down […] Read more »

Massage Therapy for Fibromyalgia Pain

Massage therapy is a wonderful way to relax and have your muscles kneaded, stretched and palpated.  The hot and cold packs that are sometimes used help a lot too. I know it works wonders for me.  In fact I think I’ll go get a massage later today.  I really need it after last night. I […] Read more »

Watsu May Help Fibromyalgia Pain

Watsu 1

Watsu has been introduced as one of many ways to help control the pain from fibromyalgia.  Watsu is a combination of dance, stretching, joint movements shiatsu and massage. Watsu was started in the 1980’s by Harold Dull, (director of the Harbin School of Shiatsu and Massage in northern California). He began to help people stretch […] Read more »