Using Bowling Balls in Decorations

Using bowling balls in decorationsUsing bowling balls in decorations is becoming more popular.  Actually it’s not a bad idea.  After all, what do you do with a bowling ball when you don’t bowl anymore? You can, of course, use your own ball; but, if you don’t have one you can pick up balls at yard sales and thrift stores for next to nothing.

One popular use is for garden gazing balls.  These are fairly easy to make.  All you need is some rubbing alcohol, sanding paper, a stand to put the ball on for painting, paint that can be used on plastic or a good primer.

You need to start with a clean ball so you should rub it down good with rubbing alcohol or vinegar to remove the wax finish on it.

Put the ball on an old coffee can or some other stand so you can work on it.

Then you need to fill the holes with cement, putty or mortar.

Next you need to sand the ball down to roughen up the surface and smooth out the holes.

After that you can prime the ball and paint it with your favorite colors.

Follow up the painting with two or three coats of polyurethane.

You could paint on some designs or apply decals before the polyurethane if you want to.

This method of using bowling balls in decorations will give you a very smooth, attractive gazing ball that you can show off in your yard or garden.

If you really want to give your ball some character glue glass gems to it to add sparkle, texture, and unique designs.

We have friends that make these gazing balls with Packer emblems and colors, bunches of grapes, and different free form designs that create a very unique effect.  In fact, they have made several that they are taking to flea markets to sell.

What they do is choose a base color for the ball, like yellow for Green Bay Packers.  From there they will create the famous Green Bay G in green gems and surround it with either clear or yellow gems.  This particular ball will sell for about $40.00.  Another one they have done has a bunch of grapes on it.  The grapes are in purple with green leaves on a silver ball.  The bunch of grapes is surrounded by clear gems.  I think this one is particularly nice. This one will also sell for about $40.00.  They have others that are painted balls with single color gems or free form designs that will be a little less money but will sell none-the-less.  So you see, there’s a way to make money by using bowling balls in decorations. Yes, it’s time consuming to make these unusual pieces but, if you have the time and enjoy it, then making a bit of cash is a nice bonus.

An old bowling ball can be used to decorate a fish tank.  Tiny fish just love to hide in the holes and it’s a great conversation piece.  Just remember to leave the ball in the tank for a while before adding the fish.  The ball has to age with it’s surroundings to be inviting to it’s new inhabitants.

Using bowling balls as decorations in you home can add a unique touch to your decorations.  You can prepare one as you would for a garden gazing ball and set it on a shelf as a point of interest.  To keep the ball stable set it in an overturned jar lid.

I’ve seen pictures of faces, bugs, animals, eclectic designs and almost anything else you could imagine on bowling balls. Some are on display in museums but all can be displayed wherever you want them to be.

Using Bowling Balls in Decorations



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