What Causes Fibromyalgia

what causes fibromyalgiaI have come across a wonderful site http://www.lahealthyliving.com. This site has some great information on what causes fibromyalgia. Many of you have probably read this article so this if for those that haven’t

The article I read what causes fibromyalgia and a little history on the disease. Rather than put the article in my own words, which would take away from it, I am inserting portions of the article here with more to come on another day.

“Some decades ago FM was not very well known, and was not really taken seriously by the medical establishment. The reason was partly that FM could not be easily diagnosed via conventional testing methods, and partly the causes of FM were very difficult to determine. FM is by no means a new disease, it was already described and referred to in Roman times.
In 1843 a German doctor showed the correlation between the pain and discomfort that characterizes FM and the presence of tender points, which today forms part of the diagnosis method for FM. However this early knowledge was forgotten about until 1966, when two Canadian doctors “rediscovered” FM. They developed the first edition of the diagnostic criteria, based on the presence of the tender points. The establishment of the diagnostic criteria spurred the research on FM, resulting in the greater understanding and knowledge of FM we possess today.”

“Among the things we know today is that that FM can easily occur as a consequence of violent or sexual abuse in childhood, physical, emotional, or mental hardships such as giving birth, divorce, persistent long term stress, or a physical accident or a shock. Also something like working two jobs for a number of years as I did, constantly pushing your self even though you are exhausted, can result in fibromyalgia. Combined with injuries from a childhood accident and a very difficult divorce, these things probably conspired together and formed the combined causes that resulted in FM for me. There is also some evidence that environmental factors and certain genes increase the risk of developing fibromyalgia – these same genes are also associated with other functional somatic syndromes and major depressive disorder. Another risk factor would be previously existing pains such as back or neck pain, from injuries or otherwise. A history of depression is also a significant risk factor.
There are also other reasons, the research into this is neither clear nor conclusive. But one trend seems to be very clear, female sufferers of FM far outnumber male cases. ”

This article was posted by Anya Vein in June, 2015

The picture I’m using is also from this article.

As we all know research into what causes fibromyalgia is done all of the time and great strides have been made. More research is needed as it is in the case of many diseases. In the meantime we need to work with our doctors and other health care providers to make sure they understand how we feel and when we feel it.

What Causes Fibromyalgia

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  1. Lisa says:

    I had fibro. I ground while at work and while I sleep, and vola, it’s gone.
    The Japanese call it “electrical disease”.
    See “The Grounded” on Youtube or the book Earthing by Clint Uber.
    You can get a voltmeter (see the red one on youtube) and it’s like 16 bucks on ebay to see how it works also.
    My husband got rid of his back pain by 35% (broken vertibrea)
    My son and I got rid of SEVERE insomnia.

    Also see Medical Medium, Anthony William’s book. He explains that it’s Epstin Barr virus and how to heal it if you still want more help. AMAZING man. His second book got to first place on the New York Best Seller’s list. 10,000 doctors are on his waiting list. He worked for free taking zero days off for the first 5 years of this work. A gifted man. See him on instagram (free) and facebook.

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